2016’s Top Content on Ann Arbor with Kids

As we’re celebrating New Years Eve, I decided to check out the most popular pages on Ann Arbor with Kids.

It should come as no surprise that the top two pages are the Home Page and the Events Calendar

  1. Home Page
  2. Events Calendar
  3. Halloween Events Page
  4. Toddler Events Page
  5. Trick or Treat Times
  6. Kids Eat Free
    Kids Eat Free Guide
  7. Easter Events Guide
  8. Preschooler Events Page
  9. Free Morning Movies are Back (February 2016)
  10. Ten Places to Get Wet
    Ann Arbor Places to Get Wet


When I looked at the list, I was surprised to see Category pages from our events calendar.   In October, I updated the Halloween Category Page to include general Halloween information beyond just events. I will be giving similar treatment to other Category pages such as the Toddler Events Page and Preschool Events Page in 2017.

Halloween is King

In my years of running Ann Arbor with Kids, I’ve discovered that Ann Arbor loves Halloween. Each year, October is the month with the most traffic on the site. I am not surprised to see Halloween content on the page. What’s even more amazing is that the 13th and 14th posts are also Halloween events posts.


Ann Arbor Halloween Guide



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