Support School Fundraisers

Support School Fundraisers

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A couple of years ago, I was part of a group discussion about how to find out about and support Ann Arbor school fundraisers such as restaurant nights, ice cream socials, and other events. As a result, I have created this compilation of School Fundraisers.

Support School Fundraisers

Favorite School Fund Raisers

Restaurant Nights

I love that my daughter’s school holds restaurant nights as fund raisers. We love eating out and we get to help her school (and see friends) at the same time.

Since we eat out a lot, I’d love to know when and where other schools are having restaurant nights. If I’m eating out anyway, I’d love to help out another school.

Ice Cream Socials

Most of the Ann Arbor Public Schools have a large spring fundraiser – an ice cream social, country fair, or similar event. The annual ice cream social at my daughter’s elementary school is always one of our favorite events, even though inflatables like shown above are no longer allowed at AAPS events.

Special Events

There are also lots of special events that raise money for the schools. A few popular annual events are the Burns Park Run, Picnic Pops Concert, Brick Bash, and Bike Sale.

Additionally, there are groups like the Thurston Players and Tappan Players who perform theater shows to benefit the local schools.


High School sport teams in particular seem to gravitate to service fund raisers. There are car washes, Christmas Tree Disposal Pickups, and Easter Egg Delivery.

Ann Arbor School Fundraisers

Upcoming Restaurant Nights

No Events

Upcoming Ice Cream Socials

No Events

Other School Fundraisers

Date/Time Event
Pioneer Bands Car Wash
at Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor Michigan

How to Share an Event

There are so many schools in the area, so this content will be crowd-sourced. If you would like to add your school’s event, see the details below.

For the initial list, these are the sharing rules:

  • Directly benefits any Washtenaw County school, class, or school affiliated club or team. All schools, preschool-12th grade, are eligible including public, charter, and private. 
  • Restaurant Nights, Ice Cream Socials/County Fairs, Burns Park Run, Theater events, etc are examples of good events to list
  • The public is invited to participate in the event 
  • Must be family friendly – no adults only events like casino nights, wine and cheese, etc. 
  • Must be one time events that happen locally (no shop online or weeklong events)
  • Inclusion is at the discretion of the editor
  • Please include the following in your submission:
    • Submitters name and email at the top of the form – this is for me to contact you only
    • In the description include who the fundraiser benefits example School X PTO OR School Y Science Olympiad Team. Also list this under Organization.
    • Link to your event flyer – this must be public
    • Public Contact Information if available

Events can be submitted through our event submission form or via email (

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