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  • Also Known As: Kidopolis
  • Categories: Indoor Play
  • Website: https://www.kidopolis.net
  • Email: kidopolis509@yahoo.com
  • Phone: (734) 769-0263
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kidopolisfun/
  • Instagram: http://instagram.com/kidopolis_a2
  • Twitter:

About Kidopolis

Kidopolis will leave kids imagining for days after spending time in their creative, indoor play space. They opened in winter 2016 and redesigned some of their play areas for summer 2018.

Their themed rooms include fire & police departments, space shuttle, the beach, a theater, and an enchanted fairy forest. With the diverse rooms, there should be something that interests all kids.

At my daughter’s preschool one of the favorite activities each year was the creation of a space ship. Kidopolis now features two space play areas. They can act as mission control or board the space shuttle

Kidopolis - Space Shuttle

They can also board a space ship and rocket off to space:

Kidopolis- Blast off to Hyperspace

The enchanted forest is the perfect spot to chill out and read a book.

Kidopolis Enchanted Forest

Kids can explore their inner hero at the police station or by fighting fires.

Kidopolis - Fire & Police

Finally, kids can get dress up and put on a performance in the theater. Check out their collection of costumes.

Kidopolis Theater Costumes

The play areas have been stocked with various items to stimulate kids imagination for free play. I love how they have repurposed items such as old cordless phones, keyboards, and remotes to stock the police station and space shuttle and even a kayak to make the spaceship.

Plus, don’t miss out on their Birthday Parties. They’re a perfect place for kids in preschool and early elementary school to explore their imaginations with their friends.

Kidopolis - Birthday Parties




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