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No Tricks, All Treats At Halloween Stores in Ann Arbor

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Find where to shop for Halloween Costumes in Ann Arbor with our list of Ann Arbor Halloween Stores, other retailers, costume swaps, craft shops & more.

Halloween Stores in Ann Arbor

Every year Halloween stores pop up around town, mostly in empty storefronts. Check out the 2023 Ann Arbor Halloween Store locations:

  • Spirit Halloween
    • Arborland – 3755 Washtenaw Ave (next to Office Max)
  • Halloween City – 2023 Locations not announced yet
    • Party City – by Chuck E Cheese – 2677 Oak Valley Dr


Other Retail Stores to Costume Shop in Ann Arbor

There are several other options to shop for costumes in Ann Arbor, MI and surrounding communities.

The Little Seedling offers Halloween costumes and accessories from Great Pretenders. I love this Baby Triceratops costume. You can visit their store at 2465 W Stadium Blvd (Westgate Shopping Center), or shop online for pickup or shipping.

Don’t forget the Big Box Stores when looking for an Ann Arbor costume shop. They carry Halloween costumes. Check out Target, Meijer, WalMart, Costco, and Sam’s Club. You can also have luck with dress up clothes at local toy stores.

Other years we have bought my daughter’s costume or parts of it in the regular clothing department. Sometimes, you just need the right clothes to look the part.

Buy Halloween Costumes Online

Some years I have bought my daughter’s costume online after striking out at the local stores.

In 2018 it was surprisingly difficult to find a Harry Potter Ravenclaw robe that was not $80 and could fit a pre-teen. We ended up with a robe from Walmart and a shirt from Target. Both were only available online.

Events from our Sponsors

Lit Jack O'lanerns at Hallowee'en at Greenfield Village. Three across the bottom with the middle one carved to say Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village. A traditional jack o'lantern with a face sits above this pumpkin. To the right is a pumpkin with an owl. THe image to the left the letters OINCE are visible below a honeycomb

Hallowe’en in Greenfield Village

Non-Member Tickets Go on Sale September 6!

Many of my daughter’s costumes came from The Disney Store when she was younger. Unfortunately they have scaled back their brick and mortar presence. The closest store is now in Cincinnati – but, at least it is easy to order online.

Amazon is always a good choice for costumes. I have bought some of my daughter’s costumes from Amazon.

If you want a homemade costume without doing it yourself, check out Etsy.

Costume Swaps

Pre-pandemic the Ann Arbor District Library hosted a Costume Swap. I don’t see anything on their 2022 calendar.

Chelsea District Library is hosting a Costume Swap throughout October.

Do you know of another costume swap? Be sure to let us know – annamae@annarborwithkids.com

Reuse Halloween Costumes

Has your child ever been the same thing two years in a row? My daughter decided to be Tinkerbell two years in a row at 3 and 4. Her costume still fit so we did not need to buy another one.

Kids can also use their sibling’s costume or borrow from a friend. Some of her costumes have also been handed down to her cousins. Her cousin who is 9 years younger reused her Princess Leia costume last year.

Children’s Resale Shops stock Halloween costumes:

Local thrift shops are a great option for Halloween costumes. Not only will you find Halloween costumes, you will find items that can be used to assemble a Halloween costume. My daughter’s fall sport team went to Share House to shop for costumes for their team party in 2021. Some local options are:


Make a Halloween Costume – Ann Arbor Craft Shops

Even though I am not a crafter, I have made parts of my daughter’s costume before. Beyond your own craft closet, good sources for crafting supplies are:

Also, be sure to check out the Cosplay Consultation session at AADL for some assistance in developing costumes that are inspired by cosplay.

Ann Arbor Halloween Events

Be sure to check out our Ann Arbor Halloween Happenings for all the fun places that you can wear your costumes.

Washtenaw Halloween Happenings

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Ann Arbor Halloween Stores

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