Tuck's Treetop Adventures - In the Trees

Tuck’s Treetop Adventures

Disclosure: Tuck’s Treetop Adventures hosted my daughter for a climb in exchange for this review. All opinions are our own.

Tuck’s Treetop Adventures offers fun tree-climbing events for kids and adults. They offer public climbs at local parks through various parks departments. They can also hold birthday parties and group climbs at your home (provided you have a good tree for climbing).

Tuck's Treetop Adventures - In the Trees

Tuck’s Treetop Adventures Climb

My daughter and I attended a climb at Pittsfield Township’s Hickory Woods Park. The climb ran from 1-3p with sessions from 1-2p and 2-3p. Due to other commitments my daughter was in the 2-3p session. We arrived a couple of minutes before her sessions and watched the previous group finish.


Some ropes were close to the tree where you can use the tree. Others were further out on branches and allowed swinging. Unsurprisingly my daughter decided to start with the tallest rope. It took her a few minutes to learn the process with some help from Tuck.

Tuck's Treetop Adventures - Getting Started

Then she was off. Since she was close to the tree, she could use it for balance and to control her descent. As she started, she had to be careful not to hit the tree other than with her feet.

Tuck's Treetop Adventures - Off the Ground

She paused on the first limb for a break. It gave her a chance to stand on the branch and take a breather before proceeding.

Tuck's Treetop Adventures - First Branch

After a few minutes, she continued up to the top. She tapped the branch above her head before descending. The descent was much easier being against the tree. She could bounce against it in sections.

Tuck's Treetop Adventures - Made it to the Top!

For a second challenge, she switched to one of the lower ropes that was further from the trunk. She was able to swing here.

Tuck's Treetop Adventures - Swinging

Finally, Tuck added a higher rope for swinging on an Oak. He took the first swing, then my daughter took a turn. She loved the swinging too. Swinging is a great option for more tentative kids since you don’t have to climb very high.

Tuck's Treetop Adventures - In the Trees

My daughter loved her first tree climbing experience! She definitely wants to do it again this summer!

Plan Your Tuck’s Treetop Adventures Climb

Get more information on the Tuck’s Treetop Adventure website.

Who Can Climb

Tuck’s Treetop Adventure Climbs are for ages 6+ – that means adults too. The harnesses are rated for up to 225 pounds. I don’t recommend it for people with issues with heights. I think I would be ok climbing up, but the descent would be awful for me. It was perfect for my 12 year old!

What to Wear

Make sure to wear clothing that allows for easy movement. Climbers wear a harness from the waist to just above the knee. We recommend climbing in long pants, capris, or long shorts. You should also wear sturdy shoes that are firmly attached to your feet.

My daughter wore a t-shirt, but a long sleeve shirt would provide extra security for kids who are worried about rubbing against the rope or a tree.

Safety gear is provided including a helmet, the harness, gloves, and glasses.

What to Bring

Make sure to bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Water Bottles

Suggested Items:

  • Camera
  • Chair for spectators


Upcoming Climbs

Tuck’s Treetop Adventures is currently offering climbs through Pittsfield Township Parks & Recreation and Milan Recreation. They are adding Ypsilanti soon and are in talks with Ann Arbor Parks.

Tuck's Treetop Adventures - Sign

Join Tuck’s Treetop Adventures on one of their upcoming climbs. Check out the individual climb listings below for details on how to register.

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