Swimming Lessons – Mack Indoor Pool

Mack Indoor Pool offers American Red Cross swimming lessons on Saturday mornings. The final session for the 2009-2010 season started today. They offer parent/child classes through age 5. They also offer independent classes at several different levels.

We have previously done parent/child classes at Tappan through Ann Arbor Rec and Ed and at the Meri Lou Recreation Center through Pittsfield Township. Since our daughter had just turned 4, we felt she was ready for classes without us. We opted to go for the Mack Pool because it has a large tot area where our 4 year old can easily stand. We did not trust her to take a class where she could not stand.

She is in a Level 1 class at Mack Indoor Pool. There were only 5 children in her class (one of whom would not get in the pool), so the teacher had a fair amount of time to spend with each child. Level 1-3 classes are all 30 minutes, higher level classes are 45 min.

My daughter had a great time at swim class, although she had some trouble waiting by the edge while the other kids took a turn. She did not complain about the water being too cold which was progress for her. She is eager to go back next week.

See my previous blog on our trip to Mack Indoor Pool for Tot Splash.


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