Strawberry Picking at Rowe’s Produce Farm

After school yesterday my daughter and I visited Rowe’s Produce Farm to pick strawberries. They had opened for the season on Saturday, June 8, but were closed on Monday, June 10 to allow the berries to ripen (and with the rain all day, picking conditions would not have been fun). I considered picking on Sunday after attending the Ann Arbor Airport Pancake Breakfast, but decided to wait until a weekday since we had waited in our car for an hour to pay last year when we had visited on a weekend.

Rowe's Produce Farm
Image from Rowe’s Produce Farm

Rowe’s Produce Farm is located at 10570 Martz Rd in Ypsilanti. Typically I take I-94 East from Ann Arbor to the Rawsonville Rd. exit. I take Rawsonville Rd south and turn right on Martz Rd. Unfortunately, Rawsonville Rd is currently under construction just north of Martz Rd and is under flag control so only one direction is getting through at a time. If you are planning to visit from the Ann Arbor Area, I recommend using the Huron St exit from I-94 and heading south as it becomes Whittaker Rd. Turn left on Martz Rd and head east to Rowe’s Produce Farm. This is the way that I went home and it was fairly easy.

I was a bit disappointed in berry picking this year. There was fairly tall grass throughout the field (knee high) that we had to work around. I don’t remember that from previous years (although we were in a different field last year). At a younger age, that would have intimidated my daughter. We also had to really search for berries that were at the right ripeness level. Many of the ones that looked red from a distance were underripe on the reverse side, or had already gone bad. We were there after school which is the latest in the day that we have picked. We typically go on a summer morning, or last year we went after school, but my daughter was in morning kindergarten, so we were there around 1p instead of 4p. If we go again this year, it will be after school is out so we can go in the morning before the fields are too picked over.

It took my daughter and I about 45 minutes to pick 8 pounds of berries. Since we’ve been picking berries for a number of years, my daughter has become a good picker. She was able to find almost as many good berries as I did. I am hoping that I have enough berries for a strawberry pie and jam.

Rowe’s Produce Farm provides the picking containers for FREE and charges $1.78/pound for strawberries. They also offer peas which will be available shortly. The best way to learn about picking conditions is to friend Rowe’s Produce Farm on Facebook. You can also sign up for their e-mail mailing list to learn about picking conditions.


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