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Revel & Roll – Wednesday Activity Review

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Bowling at Revel & Roll is this week’s Wednesday Activity Review. Each Wednesday this summer Ann Arbor with Kids is sharing an activity review for school aged children.

Revel & Roll

My daughter and I visited Revel & Roll today for our Wednesday Activity Review. With the rain this afternoon, it was the perfect day to go bowling. Revel & Roll offers bowling, arcade games, full-service food, and a bar (for the adults). With modern decor, comfortable sofas, and big TVs, Revel & Roll is not the traditional dingy, smoky bowling alley that I grew up with. 

Bowling at Revel & Roll

The 3 giant TV screens over the bowling lanes draw your attention as soon as you enter Revel & Roll. During our first game, we watched the U.S. Women’s Water Polo match on the right. The left screen had on soccer. The center screen was showing music videos to go along with the music playing in the bowling alley.

Revel & Roll Bowling Lanes

There are ramps to make bowling easier for younger kids. There are also bumpers that can be used by anyone in many of the lanes. When asked if we wanted bumpers, my daughter decided she was old enough to try without bumpers. After bowling quite a few gutter balls in the first game, my daughter decided she wanted to try bumpers for the second game. Unfortunately, we were in a lane that did not have bumpers. At least she managed to roll less gutter balls in our second game and improve her score. Next time, we’ll be sure to ask for a lane that has bumpers. 


Revel & Roll Bowling

Arcade at Revel & Roll

Revel & Roll offers a full arcade with fun games. I got a laugh at seeing Skee-Ball games at a bowling alley. Meanwhile, the Plants vs. Zombies game caught my daughter’s eye. 

Revel & Roll Arcade - Skee-Ball

Instead of tokens, the games are played with credits on an arcade card. I like the card method instead of tokens since they are so much easier to store between visits.

Food & Drink at Revel & Roll

We didn’t eat at Revel & Roll, but they offer separate seating and a full bar (for the adults). The menu does look good. I am planning to return sometime and have lunch or dinner while bowling. Perhaps we’ll take advantage of the $8.99 lunch specials or have an early dinner during happy hour (weekdays 3-6p) with $5 for select appetizers or $6 for a small pizza.

Revel & Roll Bar/Restaurant

Pricing at Revel & Roll

Bowling can be reserved either by time or by game. My daughter and I opted to pay for 2 games at $3.75/game/person. A lane would have been $19.95/hr. Lane prices vary by day and time and can be found on the Revel & Roll website. I am not sure if the game price varies based on when you are there since the price isn’t listed on the website. Shoe rental is $3.50. Since our 2 games took us a little over an hour, we definitely saved money by paying per game. 

Arcade credits start at 500 points for $5 with any purchase over $20 including bonus points. I didn’t check the price of games, so I don’t know how many games you can play for $5. Tuesday is half price game night

Tips for Bowling at Revel & Roll

I have a few tips to share after our trip to Revel & Roll

  • Make sure everyone has socks. Even though I was wearing flip flops, I remembered to pack a pair of socks. We skipped reviewing Revel & Roll in June since my daughter had no socks that day.
  • Only some lanes have bumpers. If there’s even a chance you’ll want them, ask for a lane with bumpers.
  • Lanes are cheaper before 5p
  • Thursday nights are unlimited bowling for $12 (including shoes)
  • Arcade games are 50% off on Tuesdays


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