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Restaurant Review: Jamaican Jerk Pit

For years my husband and I have been wanting to try the Jamaican Jerk Pit, but never made it there. Each year during Restaurant Week we try to visit one new restaurant. This year, we decided to make our first visit to Jamaican Jerk Pit. 

For restaurant week, they were offering 2/$28. My husband and I did the 2/$28 deal while our daughter ordered from the menu.


For our appetizer, we started with Coconut Shrimp. It is served with a piña colada pineapple dipping sauce. They were delicious. My daughter particularly enjoyed the sauce. She kept remarking how excellent it was.

Jamaican Jerk Pit - Coconut Shrimp

This appetizer is definitely a keeper for us. Although it is available in an entree form. I may be tempted to order that as my meal.



I ordered the Jerk Chicken. My husband had the Jerk Pork. Both dishes were very similar in presentation. We both enjoyed our dishes (and samples from the other person). When ordering, we were asked for our desired level of spice. My tolerance for spice is low, so I opted for mild. My husband has a higher spice threshold and opted for medium.

Jamaican Jerk Pit - Jerk Chicken

I sampled my husband’s medium spice jerk pork and it was not overly spicy. Just to be safe, I’ll probably stick with the mild on future visits too. Next time I’ll probably switch from chicken to the pork since it is boneless and easier to eat.

We had our choice of side items – rice and peas, rice, fries, or seasoned red skin potatoes. My husband and I both selected red skin potatoes. The potatoes were good and I would definitely order them again.

Our daughter ordered a Jerk Cheeseburger with a side of fries. She must have loved it since it quickly disappeared.

Jamaican Jerk Pit - With her Hamburger

Kids Menu

Jamaican Jerk Pit offers a Kids Menu. However it is for kids ages 6 and under, so it wasn’t an option for my 11 year old. The menu includes mini-cheeseburger, mini-chicken sandwich, and a chicken tenders meal.


As part of the Restaurant Week menu, my husband and I both got to choose a dessert – either Pineapple Upside Down Cake or Coconut Cake. Since we generally like both desserts, we ordered one slice of each and split them 3 ways.

Jamaican Jerk Pit - Desserts

Both desserts were great. We would easily order either of them again. Their menu lists Dessert as varying by the day. We would easily order either of these if they were the Dessert when we return.

Visit Jamaican Jerk Pit

Jamaican Jerk Pit is at 314 S. Thayer Street between Panera and the Bell Tower Hotel. There is a small seating area on the first floor, but the main action is in the “Pit” aka the basement. The Pit features a few more tables downstairs. You can choose to sit at the tables and be served or order take-out. 

Jamaican Jerk Pit - Restaurant 

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