rel•ish Ann Arbor - Free Range Oven Roasted Chicken

rel•ish Ann Arbor Restaurant Review

Last night we had dinner at rel•ish Ann Arbor, the restaurant at the Kensington Hotel near Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor. We are fortunate that our anniversary typically falls during Restaurant Week.

rel•ish Ann Arbor - Exterior

rel•ish Ann Arbor Review

We really enjoyed our meal at rel•ish. All of our food was quite good and the prices were reasonable. However, I was disappointed that their Restaurant Week menu featured items that do not appear on their regular menu. When we return, we will have to order (almost) all new food.

rel•ish is on Open Table, so it is easy to get a reservation. The restaurant is not large, so I do recommend making a reservation. Additionally, they have limited capacity for large parties. Open Table will not make a reservation for a party larger than 4. You will need to call for a large party.

rel•ish Ann Arbor Food

My husband and I both ordered from the Restaurant Week menu offering 2/$28 dinners. Our dinner included a shared appetizer, 2 entrees, and a shared dessert. Our daughter ordered from the Kids Menu.



After ordering, they brought us “bread” in the form of two muffins to share. The muffins were filled with raisins and tasted delicious.

We considered the Peach BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza as our appetizer from the Restaurant Week Menu. Since we had pizza the night before (and leftovers for lunch), we decided on the Calamari. The Calamari and accompanying sauce were great. The portion was also fairly generous.

rel•ish Ann Arbor - Calamari Appetizer


For an entree, I chose the Scallop Fettuccini. I loved the sauce. The dish was not overly large and only included 3 scallops. However, this was nearly the perfect amount of food for me. I had a few forkfuls of pasta left.

rel•ish Ann Arbor - Scallop Fettuccini

My husband selected the Free Range Roasted Chicken. His portion seemed a bit more generous with half a chicken and vegetable serving. I sampled his chicken and it was delicious.

rel•ish Ann Arbor - Free Range Oven Roasted Chicken

Kids Menu

My daughter debated what to order. At 11, sometimes she orders from the kids menu and other times she opts for an adult dish. She was a little disappointed that they were unable to find a Kids Menu when we were seated. They verbally told her that there was the usual – chicken tenders, mac & cheese, etc. I loved that she had to verify with the server whether the Mac & Cheese was the same sauce as the adult Smoked Mac (it was minus the chorizo and chicken, and the portion size).

rel•ish Ann Arbor - Kids Mac & Cheese

The Kids Mac & Cheese portion was large enough for her. She even had a little bit leftover. She said the sauce was richer than at Noodles & Company, so she couldn’t eat quite as much as she does there.


Our Restaurant Week package included one dessert to share. Since we were splitting it 3 ways, we added a second dessert. We ordered both the Lemon Mascarpone Cake and the Strawberry Crepes.

rel•ish Ann Arbor - Strawberry Crepes

Both dishes were good, but we all preferred the Lemon Mascarpone Cake. I hope to see it on the menu in the future.

rel•ish Ann Arbor - Lemon Mascarpone Cake

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