Pumpkin Path at the Toledo Zoo

This morning we braved the cold and rain to go to the Toledo Zoo for Pumpkin Path trick or treating. In previous years, we have done Little Boo at the Zoo which is geared towards preschoolers whereas Pumpkin Path is for children of all ages. Members pay $5 to trick or treat. Admission is $11 for adults and children. There were 20 candy stations set around the zoo. This is more candy than they have had when we have gone to Little Boo at the Zoo. There were 5 stations set on the same side as the main entrance. Also on that side, Meijer had an interactive trailer. In the trailer they had 3 Wii systems where the kids could try their hand at Wii Sports baseball. They also had a Halloween scene setup where they could take your child’s picture and give you a 4×6 print.

We mostly just did the pumpkin path without stopping to see the animals. We did stop in at the polar bears for a few minutes – and stayed a few extra because it rained briefly while we were in there. Fortunately the rain stopped and we were able to continue across the bridge to the remaining 15 stations.

We were disappointed that the great ape house was closed. The map has a note that the apes do not like Halloween costumes. By the gorilla meadow Sam’s Club had a wonderful Toy Story setup. They had posters lining the walk, a Buzz Lightyear & little green alien handing out candy and they had apple cider available. Then, they had a cardboard box with a Western town drawn on, reminiscent of what Andy has in the movie.

In the Broadway Pavilion, Fisher Price had a tent setup with a play area and an area to drive the motorized cars. My daughter got to drive the Barbie Jeep. While Pumpkin Path is an event for all ages, this section was really geared towards children under the age of 5. They also had “Ghoulish Games” which cost $1 each. Last year during Little Boo, these games were free. I do not know if charging for the games is new this year, or if it is a difference between Pumpkin Path and Little Boo. We opted not to pay for the games as did most people. In the 20 minutes I spent in the area, I did not see anyone playing the games.

They also had a series of inflatables in different areas. One was Cars themed and had slides. However it was open, so it was wet which did not make it very popular.


After we finished the pumpkin path, we stopped in at Nature’s Neighborhood for a few minutes. Fortunately, the stream is closed so I did not have to argue with my daughter to keep her out of it. The house was decorated with spider webs and pumpkins. The presentations in the classrooms were related to bats for the day (although we did not stay for any). Outside the house they also had a section where you could build a scarecrow.

We found the crowds of Pumpkin Path relatively minimal. We arrived about 10:15 and left at 1:15. We ate right at noon in the Carnivore Cafe and had no trouble finding a seat or with food lines. However, as we finished lunch there were lines forming for lunch particularly at the grill for warm food on a cold, damp, windy day. It also was getting more crowded as we left. I think a combination of arriving early and Sunday predicted to have better weather made it less crowded this morning.

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  1. I attended Little Boo on Thursday morning; I was somewhat disappointed with the event. A flyer for directions to the treat stations is a nice idea if you aren’t hauling 2 kids in a wagon. They needed more signage. Also, the line for trick-or treating were long even though we arrived right when the zoo opened. The candy was sparse and what was handed out wasn’t even appropriate for toddlers (nerds & snickers???) Also, to get from one treat station to another you had to cut through the auditorium which was blocked by a sound stage, vendors, and a muscian. It was very crowded. They also didn’t have the goats open which is my son’s favorite part of the zoo. It was a real bummer.

  2. Mom2Coy- I am sorry you were somewhat disappointed. From a friend who went to Little Boo it seemed like there were some changes this year from prior years. In the past the treat stations were around the Carnivore Cafe with some activities in the auditorium. Pumpkin Path has more treat stations and I found the signage to be adequate (maybe they are closer together).

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