Pumpkin Carving Tips

Pumpkin Carving Tips

After dinner last night, my daughter and I were carving our pumpkins. As I was removing the pumpkin guts (which she tried for about 2 minutes), we were talking about how to carve the pumpkin. My daughter started digging through the drawer where we keep the cookie cutters saying a pumpkin cookie cutter would be a good choice to make eyes. Bringing us to our first tip.

Pumpkin Carving Tip: Use a Cookie Cutter

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When my daughter was in third grade, she came up with the idea of using cookie cutters to make the eyes and nose of her pumpkin.

I got out our Halloween cookie cutters for her to pick from. She selected the mini-pumpkin cookie cutter to make the eyes for her jack-o-lantern and a mini-bat for the nose. We didn’t have one that worked well for the mouth, so we carved that by hand.

We weren’t able to use the cookie cutters to actually carve the pumpkin, but by pressing hard, we were able to leave an imprint to carve. It was so much easier to carve from the imprint than carving freehand or working from a paper template.


My daughter’s pumpkin:

Pumpkin Carving Tip - Cookie Cutter Eyes & Nose

I think using pumpkins as eyes and a bat nose give the pumpkin something special.

Pumpkin Carving Tip: Use the Right Pumpkin

When my daughter was a preschooler, she was fascinated by the “ghost” pumpkins. The white pumpkins were cool looking, but they were not a good carving choice. The flesh of the white pumpkin was much thicker and firmer than a traditional pumpkin.

Also, consider the shape when selecting your pumpkin. Do you want a tall pumpkin, or a fat pumpkin? How does it sit?

Pumpkin Carving Tips: Use the Right Tools

How do you prefer to carve your pumpkins? Do you use regular kitchen utensils or pumpkin carving kits?

I have found the cheap pumpkin carving tools are good for intricate cuts, but that it is better to use my regular kitchen knives for the bigger cuts.

Other Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

My least favorite part of the carving process is taking out the pumpkin guts. Now I know why we always painted pumpkins when I was a kid. As a bonus, non-carved pumpkins last longer.

We usually have several non-carved pumpkins each year. We have a Mrs Potato Head Princess Pumpkin Kit and a spider stand.

Several years ago one of the home improvement stores had a pumpkin decorated with hardware – screws, bolts, etc.

There are also pumpkin sticker sets you can buy.

Your Pumpkin Carving Tips

Do you have any pumpkin carving tips to share? Add them to the comments.

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