Genius Phone Repair - iPad out of case on the floor

5 Ways to Protect Your Device – Genius Phone Repair Review

Disclosure: Genius Phone Repair has sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.

As a mom, I feel like I am always juggling a million things. Whether it’s our schedule (and I only have 1 child!), responsibilities, or physical objects, sometimes things get dropped. On St Patrick’s Day, my iPad hit the floor.

Genius Phone Repair - iPad out of case on the floor

As soon as I saw the iPad popped out of it’s case, I was worried. The upper corner was cracked pretty good. Within minutes, cracks had expanded across the entire device.

Genius Phone Repair - Cracked Screen


I can’t even blame my daughter, she was at school when I bumped my elbow and dropped it. Well, maybe I can blame her. It was St Patrick’s Day and the leprechauns had left some mischief. The leprechauns had swapped the kitchen and dining room chairs. I bumped my elbow on the dining room chair which is about 3 inches taller than our kitchen chairs.

We’ve updated my old laptop with a new battery, hard drive, and more memory for our daughter’s use. I recently repaired the dishwasher myself too. So, my first thought was to try and fix it ourselves.  A quick google search and reading about heat guns, not damaging the LCD, prying the screen up, and broken glass was enough to convince me this was not something I was going to attempt myself.

Genius Phone Repair had contacted me last year when they opened their two Ann Arbor locations. I approached them about exchanging a repair for this article.

About Genius Phone Repair

Genius Phone Repair is based in Grand Rapids. They currently have 18 locations in Michigan and in Indiana. This includes two Ann Arbor area locations which opened in January 2016:

  • 3650 Carpenter Rd, Suite D, Ypsilanti
  • 893 W Eisenhower Pkwy, Ann Arbor

Genius Phone Repair - Carpenter Rd Store

They repair smart phones, tablets, and computers. Their service comes with a lifetime guarantee. For my iPad Mini repair, that includes a guarantee on the performance of the proximity sensor. I have heard that this can be problematic with repairs in general. Both stores are open 10a-7 Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays.

Repair prices depend on the device and repair needed. I was lucky that the iPad 3 screen replacement is one of the less expensive repairs. Check their website for details on prices for various repairs.

5 Ways to Avoid Device Damage

1 – Have a Quality Case – Clearly just having a case isn’t sufficient. Since I had an Apple leather case, I thought I had made a good choice. However, it was not holding my device securely. After 2 years of use, the leather must have stretched a bit. After my repair, I purchased a Mobile Defenders case from Genius Phone Repair.

Genius Phone Repair - Mobile Defenders Case

This case is a bit thicker than my previous case, but has a number of great features. The case is slightly raised above the face of the iPad. This way the glass will not make contact directly if it is dropped. The cover can be held in place by a strap instead a weak magnet. The cover has grooves to prop the iPad up for easy viewing. It also swivels allowing it to be set in either landscape or portrait. On the downside, the iPad with case is thicker than my old case.

2 – Screen Cover – At the recommendation of Genius Phone Repair, I purchased a tempered glass screen cover. Cleaning is easy with the tempered glass screen and it prevents scratches that can void the warranty they provide on the replaced glass.

3 – Stop Juggling – I admit that I drop my devices fairly frequently. Usually I am juggling several items, or even watching/reading on my iPad as I go about household chores.

4 – Extra Care – Take extra care when carrying your device around hazards such as water or concrete. This is especially true if your young child is using your device.

5 – Leave Replacement to the Professionals – If your device does sustain damage, your best bet is to leave the repair to a professional. A botched repair can do more damage to the device.

My Experience with Genius Phone Repair

Genius Phone Repair has two convenient Ann Arbor locations. I visited the Carpenter Road location for my repair on a Wednesday afternoon. Prior to dropping my device off, I performed a back-up to my computer. I then reset the device to remove my personal data and passwords. 

The drop-off process was relatively simple. They checked my device to verify that only the glass was damaged and not the underlying LCD. Since my display was clear and the touch sensor was working, I just needed a glass repair. 

Genius Phone Repair suggested a tempered glass screen cover to help protect the device. I also purchased a new case. A discount is offered for purchasing these items at the time of your repair.

The repair job took less than a day. We dropped the iPad off on our way home from school. I received a call that the job was completed before noon the following day. 

I was extremely happy with the service I received at Genius Phone Repair. 



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