Ma Lou's Fried Chicken - Biscuit Donuts

Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken – Restaurant Review

My husband loves Fried Chicken. So, when I heard about Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken in Ypsilanti, I knew we had to check it out. We have visited numerous times in the last few months.

Ma Lou's Fried Chicken - Logo on Wall

Ma Lou’s opened earlier this year. The restaurant is the work of chef Frank Fejeran who also opened Ricewood Barbecue (another restaurant we need to check out). Prior to Ricewood, Chef Fejeran was formerly at the Ravens Club.

Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken: The Main Course

Ma Lou’s specialty is Fried Chicken. They use Amish chicken and prepare it 3 ways – Southern, Medium, and Spicy AF. Your chicken is served over white bread and pickles.

Update 2/2018 – chicken is now sold by the piece with sides priced as extras. We also did not get bread and pickles with our last order.


Personally, I prefer dark meat, so I ordered the Dark Meat which includes 3 pieces (thigh, leg, and wing) and one small side.

Ma Lou's Fried Chicken - Dark Meat

My husband prefers breast meat. He ordered the Breast which includes 2 pieces and one small side.

Ma Lou's Fried Chicken - Breast

Update 2/2018 – Ma Lou’s no longer serves chicken tenders and no longer has a kids menu.

My daughter does not like her chicken on the bone, so she ordered the Kids Meal which is 3 tenders and one small side. The chicken tenders only come in one spice which is similar to the southern. The portion was large enough for my 11 year old who frequently orders adult meals. She liked the tenders, although she would have liked barbecue sauce to go with them.

Ma Lou's Fried Chicken - Kids Meal Chicken Tenders

We all loved our chicken. Our only complaint was that it was almost too hot to eat the on bone pieces.

Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken: The Sides

Update 2/2018 – Ma Lou’s current sides are Fries, Potato Salad, and Sweet Potato Mash that are available a la carte. They also now offer a seasonal butternut squash grain salad. I miss their cole slaw!

Ma Lou’s offers 4 different sides: Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, French Fries, and Potato Salad. They are available with your entrees. They are also available a la carte as a small or a large.

I’ve ordered the Cole Slaw on both visits. In part because I’m the only one in my family who likes cole slaw and because I really liked it the first time.

Ma Lou's Fried Chicken - Cole Slaw

The fries were also great. My husband ordered them on our first visit and my daughter ordered them on our second visit. The portion was huge and we took home a significant portion on both visits.

My husband ordered the baked beans on our second visit. He tried to order them on our first visit, but they were sold out. We were there near closing time, so it wasn’t surprising. He felt the baked beans were fair. He will probably go back to the fries on our next visit.

Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken: The Extras

One of the specialties at Ma Lou’s is their biscuit donuts. I was quite excited to see them on the menu. Unfortunately they were sold out on our first visit. On our second visit, we made sure to visit earlier in the evening.
Ma Lou's Fried Chicken - Biscuit Donuts

The Biscuit Donuts are amazing. We loved them. They were heavier than a typical Donut, but delicious. Unfortunately, they left us too full for our planned stop at the nearby Go! Ice Cream. We still stopped at Go!, we just took the name literally and took our ice cream to go – a pint of Sweet Browned Butter for another day.

One area where families may find Ma Lou’s lacking is in the beverage choices. They offer bottled sodas (Coke, Diet Coke, Faygo, sweet tea and homemade horchata). We brought a beverage from home for my daughter who does not like soda. There was another family there with a younger child. They had brought their own milk for her.

Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken: The Logistics

Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken is in Downtown Ypsilanti (15 W. Michigan Avenue). Free parking is available in several nearby city lots and on the street.

Ma Lou's Fried Chicken - Exterior

Ma Lou’s is a counter service restaurant that does a significant take out business. They have a few tables in the restaurant – 4-5 booths and 2 picnic tables.

Their hours are:

  • Tuesday-Saturday – 11a-9p
  • Sunday – noon-5p
  • Monday – Closed

Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken: Our Tips

Ma Lou’s prepares their food fresh. It can take 25 minutes for your order to be ready. You can place your order online or by phone (734-905-7994) in advance to shorten your wait time. Just let them know if you will be dining in or carrying out.

Some items may be unavailable close to closing. It is best to dine early.

The chicken is extremely hot when it is served. If you live in Ypsilanti or the east side of Ann Arbor, you could easily get takeout without worrying about your chicken getting cold. My husband is already planning a get together with his colleagues for Ma Lou’s chicken at our house.

In addition to chicken pieces, they offer a few sandwiches with the option of breast, thigh, or tempeh. My daughter enjoyed their Chicken and Waffles. It was served with 3 pieces of chicken – she and I could have easily shared it.

For a large group, consider a Big Box (10 pcs & 2 large sides) or a Family Box (15 pcs & 2 large sides).

Ask for takeout containers if you have leftovers. Some are located by the silverware, but for the sides you may want the smaller containers to separate them from the chicken.

Bring an alternate beverage for your children if they don’t drink soda.

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