Hallowe’en at Greenfield Village Review

After a cold and wet soccer game this afternoon, we were watching the weather hoping for the weather to clear since we had tickets to attend Hallowe’en at Greenfield Village. The weather showed it should clear before our 8:30p entry time.

Tickets for Hallowe’en are for a timed entry on a select night. Tickets do sell out early especially for the early slots on Friday and Saturday nights. We had an 8:30p slot because by the time we determined our schedule, that was the earliest time available. Sunday night tickets are usually easier to find.

Based on our previous experiences at Greenfield Village events (this was our 3rd Hallowe’en and we have attended 3 Holiday Nights), we knew parking could be difficult. I had hoped that people would be leaving since we had the late time. However, parking was still difficult. The lot by the museum is one of the easiest lots to park in and it is not a far walk.

During Hallowe’en you follow a jack-o-lantern lined path through Greenfield Village. The buildings are not open during Hallowe’en but some have lights, spooky silhouettes, sounds, and other Hallowe’en effects. Along the path through the village you will pass several treat stations. Everyone at the party receives treats – kids, toddlers, teens, and adults. Many people, including adults, wear costumes to Hallowe’en. I loved my daughter’s Princess Leia costume. Since it was all white it was very easy to spot her in the dark.

Unfortunately, it started to rain about 9p. The forecast wasn’t showing rain, and the sky looked clear, so we hadn’t brought umbrellas in with us. I was very glad to be wearing a wide brimmed witches hat. My daughter had a hooded wind breaker on underneath a white sweatshirt, so she was able to keep her Leia wig somewhat dry. It rained for about 10 minutes and then stopped. While not my choice of weather, it was not as miserable as my daughter’s soccer game where it rained for a much longer time and was nearly horizontal.
There are a few spooky parts of Hallowe’en that may frighten young children. My daughter enjoyed the haunted bridge today, but was not a fan of the living scarecrows (I think I scarred her with a storm trooper she thought was a statue a couple of years ago at Disney World). There are ghosts on the carousel, a Sleepy Hollow woods to walk through, and plenty of scary costumes (more from visitors than employees).
I love seeing the variety of carved pumpkins throughout the Village. It is definitely a great inspiration for our own pumpkin carving this year. This pumpkin display was near the end of the path:

As we neared the end of the path, this tree was decorated with jack o’lanterns. I don’t remember this from years past. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do it justice.

There were around 10 treat stations at Hallowe’en. At each station, you will receive one item (candy, postcard, chips, etc). Lines do tend to form at the treat stations, but they move fairly quick. You don’t receive a lot of treats, but we really attend for the experience, not the treats.

We were undecided about attending Holiday Nights again this year (we have attended the last 3 years). I think after a fun time at Hallowe’en that we will probably be buying our Holiday Nights tickets soon. While I enjoy Halloween, I like Holiday Nights better since the homes are open.

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