FestiFools 2016 and FoolMoon Recap

One of the top events on this weekend’s schedule is the FestiFools parade at 4p on Sunday.  Last year my daughter and I loved FestiFools. Thanks to nap schedules when she was younger and spring break travel in more recent years, it was the only year we attended. She was hoping to participate this year, but again spring break has interfered with our ability to attend.

Last night the FestiFools weekend kicked off with FoolMoon. While I wasn’t able to be at FoolMoon, The Creative Voice Arts Journalism team was able to attend. They have provided me with their write-up and a video from the event:

What happens when you mix luminaries, community and a healthy dose of Foolishness in Ann Arbor? FoolMoon of course. This annual event, produced by WonderFool Productions, took place at dusk on a bustling Friday night in downtown Ann Arbor. Starting at “constellation stations” around town, hundreds of community members paraded through neighborhoods with their own handmade luminaries to arrive at a roaring festival of light. From music by DJ Scout, to illuminated hula hoops and musical instruments provided by the Ann Arbor District Library, to lasers and videos projected on buildings, FoolMoon loudly celebrated April Fools and the arrival of spring. The foolish weekend culminates on Sunday with FestiFools, featuring the colorful splashes of enormous street puppets from 4-5 p.m. in downtown Ann Arbor. 

Don’t miss their video:

Do you want to participate in FestiFools? The Downtown Branch of AADL is having an event for participants to make robot costumes to join them in the parade on Sunday. 


The FestiFools parade will kickoff at 4p on Sunday and run until 5p. Participants will make their way up and down Main St from William at the South end to Washington at the North end. Come for the entire hour or stay just long enough to see participants make a full circle.  

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