Farmer’s Market, Hands On Museum

We went to the A2 Farmers’ Market today. I was able to snag a great spot on Detroit St. As we were getting out of the car, one of the friends we were meeting up with walked by. I need to remember to put coins in my car. Pennies don’t help much with the meters. I’m hoping ePark comes to Kerrytown soon so I don’t have to worry about coins. I did some quick shopping for items priced in non-dollar increments and kept feeding the meter.
My daughter had little interest in the goings on at the market even though we were there with a few friends. She knew we were near the Hands On Museum and that we were going there when we were done, so she was ready to move on.
We stayed about an hour before moving on to the Hands On Museum. She loves the Hands On Museum. We are members, so we often do a quick pop-in if we’re in the area. Today we spent time in the preschool gallery, and did a quick tour of the second floor. She was hungry so we went to the snack area to eat the lunch we had packed. Even the first floor she did rather cursorily. Maybe we need to space our visits out a bit more.
The museum now has wifi in select locations. They have it available in the lobby and the second floor legacy gallery. You will need to stop at the front desk and get the information for it. I was able to connect to both networks with my iPod Touch. Amazingly I could not access either network from the preschool gallery which is above the lobby and near the legacy gallery. I also could not get it in the snack room. Unfortunately, those would have been my preferred two locations as I often sit on a bench & watch my daughter play in the preschool gallery & she tends to be a slow eater. But even in the few locations it is a nice addition that they really didn’t have to do. You aren’t likely to be bringing your laptop with you to work since the only place to really set one up would be the snack area.
I also noticed that they are now opening at 9 on Tuesdays through the rest of the summer due to member feedback. Although I am not likely to get there before 10, I am glad that they are responding to member feedback. However, I would really like to see them open later in the evenings. My husband works at U of M & usually works until 7. It would be a nice place for us to wait for him before having dinner on Main Street.

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  1. Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum Blog

    Hi – I’m Erin and I work for the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, and contribute to their blog. I keep track of blog alerts about the Museum and noticed your post about your visit.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. This is great feedback for us. We already have staff looking into the wifi access problem you mentioned. We’re also looking into ways to open the Museum during hours that are more convenient for visitors – and especially members.

    Thanks again. Hope you have a great summer!

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