Dexter Dazed, Hot, & Tired

We spent most of our day in Dexter today.

We started out blueberry picking at Dexter Blueberry Farm. There were tons of blueberry bushes. The place is huge. The end bushes on the first few rows were so picked out you could hardly tell they were blueberry bushes. But, we went to rows about 1/2 way down the main path and found plenty of berries especially as we got deeper into our rows. You can walk right into the patch from the parking area so there is no need to drive to a different field which is nice when you are meeting a group. We met in the parking lot (there were 17 of us, 6 moms, 2 aunts, and 9 kids from 1 1/2 to 6). Even with the number of people in our group we didn’t have trouble picking in close proximity.
We were at Hazen’s last week, and Dexter Blueberry Farm definitely seemed much larger. The price was a bit higher ($1.60/lb vs. $1.32/lb), but it is closer so there was a gas savings. The bushes at Dexter Blueberry Farm were larger than the ones we picked from at Hazen’s so I’m guessing they are more mature.
It was warm, but with the large bushes we were able to find some shade if we were careful. The kids did wear out early and a few adults quit earlier and took a few of the kids up front to the shade where they had water.
After picking our share of blueberries 11 of us headed to Downtown Dexter for lunch at Dexter Daze. There were a few options for food: pizza, hot dogs, brats, turkey wraps, and lemonade. Before we got there my daughter asked if they would have pizza, so we each got a slice. One of her friends got fried mozzarella sticks and she wanted to try those, so we ended up getting an order too. Sadly they had no tomato sauce for the cheese sticks, just ketchup which she didn’t seem to mind. Prices were fairly reasonable: under $10 for 2 slices of pizza, a lemonade, & an order of mozzarella sticks. We were able to sit in the beer tent out of the sun at picnic benches. The beer tent doesn’t become over 21 only until 9 pm. The tent was near the gazebo so we were able to hear the musical performer. The kids also had freedom to run around, but we knew they were contained. We walked around a little after lunch. They were fascinated by the historic playhouse. We then walked across the street to Dairy Queen for a treat & returned to the gazebo for the performance of Colors the clown. They all thoroughly enjoyed the performance and becoming a mess with their ice cream cones. Colors is a clown who does a magic/animal show. We are hoping to see her again next week at the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival.

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