Dexter Blueberry Farm – The Rain Stayed Away!

Today we went blueberry picking at Dexter Blueberry Farm. When I woke up to rain this morning, I was a little concerned about the weather. However, it cleared up so we went. They open at noon on Sunday and we arrived a few minutes after. There were quite a few people already picking, so they may have started earlier.

We were with a group of friends. I have found that my daughter enjoys picking much more when we are with friends. Now that she is 4.5, she enjoys picking with her friends and with multiple adults in different rows, the kids have more freedom while someone can still keep an eye on them. We were all impressed with how well drained the fields were after the torrential rain we have had the past few days. There was a large puddle as you entered the field, but it was easily avoided. The area around the plants was pretty dry. We came equipped with boots and I was expecting to be muddy when we left.

Dexter Blueberry Farm provides picking buckets many with ropes so you can tie them on. The blueberries are $1.60 a pound and from what I saw they rounded down to the nearest quarter. They bagged the berries for you to take home. My daughter and I filled our container about 3/4 full and it was about 5 pounds of berries.

We had a great time picking berries at Dexter Blueberry Farm and plan to return again this year. There was plenty of green berries on the bushes, so they should be picking for awhile. I think my daughter’s favorite part was stopping at Dairy Queen in Dexter on the way home.

Of course, after picking berries, the question is what to do with them. I made Blueberry Coffee Cake which I first made last year. I loved it last year, and it was just as good this time. We opted to do breakfast for dinner with blueberry pancakes covered in Blueberry Sauce. I made extra pancakes and sauce so we’ll have breakfast for a few days.


My other ideas for using the blueberries are in cereal, making a pie, and making a jelly. Last year I made a number of different jellies and the favorite was blueberry. This year I’ll probably make a few batches. Blueberries freeze well. It is recommended to freeze them on a cookie sheet before putting them in a bag or container. They should be washed after thawing before use instead of before freezing.

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  1. How funny… Believe it or not, I think we were actually there at the same time on Sunday! 🙂

    I had a good time, too! It was my first time blueberry picking, and I was surprised how easy it was. I didn’t have to get really dirty, or pricked by bushes, or anything! (I’m a city boy.) And I even told my friend at the time that it would be a great activity for kids!

    (This is @BenFranklin1982 from Twitter, by the way!)

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