Bone Heads BBQ - Corn Bread

Bone Heads BBQ – Saturday Restaurant Review

This profile of Bone Heads BBQ is part of our Saturday Restaurant Profile series.

If you are a lover of BBQ, Bone Heads wins hands down for their atmosphere! They are housed in a former inn that is supposedly haunted. I definitely recommend visiting during the Halloween season as they go all out in decorating.

Bone Heads Appetizer Recommendations

Two of our staple appetizer orders at Bone Heads BBQ are the Fried Pickle Chips and the Corn Fritters. The fried pickles are loved by my daughter, husband, and brother-in-law. Personally, I don’t like pickles so they aren’t my favorite. Unfortunately for my daughter on this visit, none of the other pickle lovers were with us so she didn’t get them.

We discovered the Corn Fritters by accident. Several years ago our waiter accidentally entered Corn Fritters instead of Fried Pickles. She discovered the error after they were made, so brought us both appetizers (only charging us for the pickles). It was definitely a fortuitous mistake as we really enjoyed the corn fritters.

My mother is a big fan of the Bone Heads Skins. These large potato skins have plenty of potato and are topped with BBQ pork, cheese, scallions, and sour cream. My Mom usually orders these as her meal, and still has one to share.



The one BBQ appetizer that Bone Heads is missing is Burnt Ends. For those, we recommend Red Rock in downtown Ypsilanti.

Bone Heads Entree Recommendations

For my daughter and I, our favorite BBQ item is Macaroni & Cheese topped with pulled pork. Not everyone offers this combination, so we often share meals to make our own. Yesterday, we discovered that you can order the Mac & Cheese topped with Pulled Pork. My daughter and I decided to split an adult portion instead of having leftovers. The Mac & Cheese is served with your choice of salad, cole slaw, or soup (we chose a salad) and Texas Toast.

Bone Heads BBQ - Pork Mac & Cheese

Since we were sharing we also added a side of corn bread (3 pieces).  If you look closely you can see that it was baked in a skull shaped pan.

Bone Heads BBQ - Corn Bread

My husband wasn’t able to join us, but ordered the Brisket entree to take home. His portion was huge! He ended up only eating half and saving the other half for another meal.

If you are visiting with a big party, I definitely recommend the Bone Heads Family Platter – a Full Rack of Ribs, a Whole Smoked Chicken, and 1/2 lb of Brisket or Pulled Pork. It is listed as serving 4-6 people. We ordered it several years ago and fed 5 adults and had leftovers.

Bone Heads Side Dishes

If I’m not getting Mac & Cheese, I definitely add Mac & Cheese as one of my side dishes. It is definitely delicious. There is an uncharge for adding Mac & Cheese as a side, but it is worth it!

The meal my daughter and I shared had the option of salad, coleslaw, or soup. She and I decided to share a salad. The salad was fresh mixed greens topped with diced onion, cucumber, tomatoes, and croutons. We had a delicious raspberry vinaigrette served on the side.

I enjoy the Cole Slaw at Bone Heads. The only reason I didn’t order it was that my daughter will share a salad but doesn’t care for cole slaw.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Bone Heads Green Beans. They’re cooked with ham and are greasy and more like canned beans than fresh or frozen. Overtime I would order them I would regret it, and now remember to order a different side.

Bone Heads Kids Menu

I have to admit to not looking extensively at the Kids Menu on this trip. My daughter often orders the Mac & Cheese and has had grilled cheese in the past. The Kids Mac & Cheese doesn’t list an option to add Mac & Cheese which is part of why we decided to share.

Dining at Bone Heads

The best time to visit Bone Heads is at Halloween when they are fully decked out. While there are skeletons, ghosts, and witches around, my daughter never found it too creepy. There are three dining room sections at Bone Heads – the bar, the main dining room, and the former porch. The former porch is fully enclosed, although it can be a bit cooler in winter due to the quantity of windows. It also is less decorated than the main dining room at holidays. We ate on the porch this week since we had a larger group. It gave us a great view of a cargo train passing.

Bone Heads BBQ - Passing Train

Bone Heads (10256 Willis Rd) is in Willis, MI. Currently it is a bit challenging to visit Bone Heads due to road closures on both Willis Rd (between Carpenter and Whittaker Rd) and on Whittaker Rd (at Merritt). Both closures will hopefully be reopening soon.

Bone Heads does get pretty crowded on weekend evenings. You can make a reservation by phone 734-461-9250. 


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