Back to School Hair Tips - Blow Dry After Cut

Back to School Hair Tips | Ask an Ann Arbor Expert

Disclosure: Zoey + Joey Hair Studio has sponsored these Back to School Hair Tips.

Earlier this week I spoke with Ilze, owner of Zoey + Joey Hair Studio, to get her advice on Back to School Hair Tips and Styles. While we were there, my daughter got her own Back to School Hair Cut.

Back to School Hair Tips - Blow Dry After Cut

Back to School Hair Tips

If you are anything like us, your mornings are a rush to get out of the house in the morning in time for school. I’m always looking for ways to simplify the routine. Hair care is definitely a way to simplify the morning routine.

Best Hair Brushes

A good hair brush can definitely improve your morning hair brushing. Ilze had two recommendations for hair brushes – Teeny Genie & a Wet Brush.


The Teeny Genie is a great first hair brush for preschoolers to brush their own hair. Even if you have to get the areas they missed, it’s great to get them started early.

Back to School Hair Tips - Knot Genie

For older kids the Wet Brush is the preferred brush. Hair brushing is so easy with the Wet Brush. Ilze said that some families have multiple brushes (one upstairs and one downstairs for example). I definitely concur. The Wet Brush definitely ended our hair brushing fights. We have 3 – two full size ones that (in theory) live on different floors) and a portable one for my daughter’s bag. If we’re lucky we can find one without too much searching. Zoey + Joey offers the Wet Brush in some fun patterns such as their new watercolor style.

Back to School Hair Tips - Wet Brushes

Hair Accessories

Zoey + Joey has a new stock of hair accessories such as barrettes ready for back to school season.

Back to School Hair Tips - Barrettes

Currently, one of their most popular sellers is the Scenties hair tie. Scen-ties are scented hair ties. They release a scent when they are snapped. Beyond use in pony tails, they are popular as bracelets. Zoey + Joey carries Scen-ties in Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Sour Apple, and Strawberry.

Back to School Hair Tips - Scenties

Lice Prevention and Removal

With the return to school, Zoey + Joey typically sees an uptick in reported cases of lice. They carry the Fairy Tales line of prevention and treatment products. Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel is available in both shampoo and conditioner and is formulate to repel lice.

Back to School Hair Tips - Fairy Tales Lice Prevention

For treatment, they carry the Fairy Tales Lice Goodbye mousse which includes a lice comb. However, for treatment they recommend Rapunzel’s Lice Boutique, a local lice removal company. I used Rapunzel’s myself when my daughter and I had lice 5 years ago and definitely recommend them – at least for a first infection.

Back to School Hair Tips - Fairy Tales Lice Goodbye

Short hair also helps to limit the spread of lice. Similarly, pony tails, braids, and other styles that contain the hair also limit the spread of lice.

Be sure to check Zoey + Joey’s website for tips on preventing lice.

Kids Back to School Hair Styles

Popular hair cuts for kids have not changed much since summer. 

Boys Hair Styles

For boys, the Gentleman’s Cut continues to be the top request at Zoey + Joey. The Gentleman’s Cut is very reminiscent of 1950s styles. A Gentleman’s Cut features a hard part that is cut into to enlarge a natural part line. The style is longer on top on the big side and shorter on the small side. The cut then fades on the sides and back down to a 1 guard, the shortest of trimmers. The hair is styled with gel to get a side sweep on the long side.

They are also noticing that some boys use a shorter clipper guard in summer and then use a longer clipper guard for fall and winter.

Girls Hair Cuts

Short hair is still very popular with girls, particularly among those ages 10+ like my daughter. She went for the a modified bob short hair cut in March, had it redone in June, and again this week for fall. I also see short cuts on many of her classmates.

Back to School Hair Tips - Short Hair Cut

The pixie style is extremely popular right now. It definitely cuts down on hair brushing nightmares.

Girls Hair Styles

For girls that have longer hair, pony tails and braids are very popular. However, Zoey + Joey has many parents saying that they don’t know how to braid. They are considering adding a class this fall for parents to learn a few braids – and practice on mannequins instead of their own children.


Color is still a huge trend in kids hair styles – for both boys and girls. The most popular options are streaks and tips. Multi-colored hairstyles are also popular.

Summer Hair Trends - Multi-Color Streaks

Zoey + Joey offers temporary hair color for kids. They tend to use a spray in color for girls (long hair) and a gel to use on boys (or short hair). Hair color can be added to a cut for $7. Without a cut, hair color application is $10. The gel they use (Zach’s Wax) is available for purchase to use at home. Their hair colors are natural and don’t use harsh chemicals. 

For fall, they typically see kids get the color right before schools starts and then let it wash out a few days later.

Summer Hair Trends - Zack's Wax Colors

Post-Summer Hair Care

Swimming frequently over the summer can be very harsh on kids hair. When I was a kid, my blonde hair would start to look a bit green with the chlorine. If your child’s hair is feeling damaged after a summer at the pool, Zoey + Joey offers a Malibu Treatment.

In the Malibu Treatment, special treatment crystals are used to make a paste to remove the buildup of chlorine and minerals. The treatment can be added to a haircut for $10 or it is available as a standalone treatment for $20 with a blow-dry. Zoey + Joey also sells the Malibu line of shampoo, conditioner, and treatment for home use.

Summer Hair Trends - Malibu Swimmer Treatment

Visit Zoey + Joey

Zoey + Joey offers two locations for Ann Arbor families. With locations on both the east and west side of Ann Arbor, they are convenient to most Ann Arbor families. Zoey + Joey WEST’s address is 2139 West Stadium Blvd. It is definitely a convenient location for Ann Arbor families since it is in the same shopping center as Goldfish Swim School, The Little Seedling, and Arbor Farms. Zoey + Joey EAST is at 3260 Washtenaw Avenue in Arlington Square Plaza. The hair studio faces Huron Parkway in Arlington Square Plaza.

New for the summer of 2017, both locations have introduced a photo wall for sharing post haircut pictures.

Summer Hair Trends - Zoey + Joey Photo Wall


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