Ann Arbor Public Schools Information on School Closure Plans

Ann Arbor Public Schools Response to School Closures

Ann Arbor Public Schools has released more information about how they will be proceeding now that K-12 schools are closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Governor Whitmer announced today that K-12 schools will not be reopening for the 2019-2020 school year and that local districts would be creating a plan.

Education Plan

Following spring break, the district will transition to a more significant distance learning model for students. The district says to expect scheduled and consistent lessons, materials, and assignments designed for students to make progress in every subject at every grade level. More details will be coming in the days after spring break (which runs through Sunday, April 5).


All students are encouraged to participate and complete assignments. There will not be a full day of online instruction, but the teachers will be engaged.

Personally, I am glad to see that learning will continue moving forward. My 8th grader is working towards High School credit for algebra and Spanish. I am also glad to see that they will not be online all day. The first two weeks off, my daughter was getting headaches which would get worse the longer she was on the computer. With spring break this week, she has been much better. We think it is a combination of allergies, stress, and the computer work.

Additional Resources for Middle & High School Students

The district is also working on a menu of optional learning opportunities and enhancements. More details on the following will be available after spring break.

  • A wide offering of A2 Virtual courses will be available beginning late spring & into the summer to provide multiple opportunities
  • An expansion of the partnership with Washtenaw Community College so students may earn high school & college credit simultaneously
  • Continuation of AAPS Summer School 2020 program with optional learning opportunities.

I look forward to seeing what the options will be for my 8th grader.


Support for Students with Additional Needs

After spring break, families receiving specialized services will be contacted by professional support staff. They will have detailed discussions about how student support services can reasonably be provided in an online setting.

A Parents of Students with Special Needs Help Line will start on April 6. Their number is 734-994-2318. A Student Intervention and Student Supports page will also be setup with specialized resources.

Support Services

Computing and Internet Services

The AAPS Technology Hotline can be reached at 734-997-1222 on Mondays-Fridays from 7:30a-7:30p. Contact them for issues with a device or home internet that is making learning difficult. Also, contact them if you are in need of a device.

Internet Access Options

Comcast & AT&T are providing 2 months of free internet for low income families (based on service availability at your address.

If you live in an area without wired service, you will need to look at a satellite or cellular option which are considerably more expensive and slower.

  • Satellite Packages
    • Viasat packages start at $70 for unlimited data based on speed
    • Hughesnet packages start at $40/month for 10GB of data.
  • Mobile Hotspot Devices
    • Check with your mobile provider to see what options they have for device cost and monthly fees.

Ann Arbor Public Schools has strengthened their signals and moved hubs closer to windows to allow access of their internet from outside the building.

Food Distribution

Food Distribution is currently extended through April 24. AAPS has said that they are committed to providing this resource throughout the closure, so I expect we will see dates extended into May and June in coming weeks. If you are experiencing a food need, please call the AAPS Food Help Line at 734-994-2265 or Food Gatherers at 734-761-2796.

Ann Arbor School Lunches During COVID-19 Closures


Mental Health Resources

The district is paying special attention to Mental Health Needs. They are reminding every student that “You Are Not Alone”. Resources are available for students dealing with depression, grief, loss, isolation, and other mental health issues. On their resources page, they have shared the follwoing links:

Health Clinics

The following health clinics are still operating:

  • Hope Clinic – 518 Harriet St, Ypsilanti – 734-484-2989
  • Corner Health Center – 47 N Huron, Ypsilanti – 734-484-3600
  • Packard Health
    • Ann Arbor West – 1915 Pauline Blvd, Ann Arbor – 734-926-4900
    • Ann Arbor East – 3174 Packard Rd, Ann Arbor – 734-971-1073
    • Ypsilanti – 200 Arnet St, Suite 150, Ypsilanti – 734-985-7200

More COVID-19 Information

Be sure to check our resource page for more COVID-19 information.

Ann Arbor COVID-19 Information & Resources

Specifically, find more information on the K-12 School Closures throughout the state. We will be adding information on plans for other Washtenaw County School Districts.

Ann Arbor Schools Closed due to COVID-19

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