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Have you ever had difficulty figuring out the perfect gift? It is getting increasingly difficult to find gift ideas for my daughter. As a 10 year old her main interests are playing Minecreaft, watching YouTube videos, and playing video games. Since her birthday is right after Christmas I need to come up with plenty of ideas for us and to share with family. 

Since there are only so many games that she wants and we don’t have room for  a ton of toys, experience gifts are a great idea. 

Ann Arbor Experience Gifts


  • A2SO Family Concert
    • Magical Music of Disney on March 13
  • Not Just for Kids Theater
    • Junie B’s Essential Survival Guide to School – February 13
    • Alexander, Who’s Not Not Not Not Not Not Going to Move – April 10
    • Seussical – May 7
  • Wild Swan Theater
    • Drum Me a Story – February 10, 12, and 13th
    • Shipwrecked – March 11 & 12
    • Peter Rabbit – April 6-9
    • Charlotte’s Web – May 4-8



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Experience Gifts Around the United States

Are you’re looking for an experience gift for a family member or friend who lives elsewhere in the country? 

Little girl opening a magical christmas gift against snow


Boston Experience Gifts for Children & the Kid at Heart

Monterey Bay (CA) Non-Material Gift Guide

Coming Soon


Experience Gifts in Greenville, SC

Terre Haute, IN


Meridian, MS





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