Ann Arbor Solar Eclipse Events & Information

Ann Arbor Eclipse Guide

Are you getting ready for the Eclipse on Monday, August 21? I have to admit, I haven’t done any preparation. I’m just adding Ann Arbor Eclipse events to the calendar today. Even worse, I scheduled a repair service for Monday morning, so I’m not sure we’ll be able to get to an event in time.

Ann Arbor Eclipse Events & InformationAnn Arbor Eclipse 

Here in Ann Arbor, we will only have 80% coverage of the eclipse. It is scheduled to begin around 1:02p and run until 3:47p. The midpoint with maximum coverage is scheduled for 2:26pm.

Ann Arbor Eclipse Viewing Events

I have gathered a list of the local eclipse viewing – most of which will have eclipse glasses or other viewing options available. As eclipse glasses have become almost impossible to find, many of the events are adding limits to distribution at the event. Don’t be surprised if an event limits the glasses to 1 pair per family and only while you are at the event.

One tip that I found from the Ypsilanti Library’s event listing was to wear sunscreen. Since the sun will still be shining around the moon, you will want to make sure your skin is protected as well as your eyes.

No Events

Do you know of any events we missed? Add them in the comments, submit them yourself, or email them to us.


Viewing the Eclipse

Remember that you can only look directly at the sun during totality (which we will not experience here). To look at the sun during the eclipse, you will need eclipse glasses. (You will also need filters for your camera, so don’t try to photograph the eclipse without the proper filters).

Eclipse glasses are in short supply. You need to make sure that yours are properly ISO certified. I know Amazon recalled a few sets where the distributor could not prove their glasses were authentic. Eclipse glasses are in very short supply currently. 

Locally, our sponsor Kidopolis has eclipse glasses available (currently sold out, expecting some more on Saturday). They were $10/pair with a limit of 3 pairs. Their reorder price has increased, so the price may need to increase further. Proceeds benefit their new non-profit Kidopolis Studios. Follow their Facebook page for the latest updates.

I have also heard that Footprints shoe store has a sign in their window saying they have glasses for $10. Have you seen someone else with eclipse glasses? Get yours, then let us know where we can find them.

The Hands-On Museum is sold out of glasses, but offered these instructions from NASA on making a pinhole camera to view the eclipse.

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If you have young kids, check out these instructions from Everyday Einstein to improve glasses using a paper plate.

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And here’s a Nifty video with  instructions on making 2 types of pinhole cameras.

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You can also stay home and watch NASA’s livestream of the eclipse from noon-4p. Their program will combine footage from various locations and vantage points. And as a bonus, the viewing is completely safe for your eyes.

Traveling to the Path of Totality

The best way to see the eclipse is to be in the path of totality. I’ve heard Tennessee is one of the better locations – and one of the closer options to Ann Arbor. Our friends at Nashville Fun For Families have put together an Eclipse Guide for their area.


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  1. Hello! I just went to Kidopolis and they’re out but expecting another shipment later today or tomorrow. They say to follow them on Facebook to hear about it when it arrives.

    I did just get 2 pair from Footprints. However, I”m concerned that they’re not on NASA’s approved vendor list:

    Is there any way to test your glasses to see if they’re the legitimate ones? I heard some companies are selling fake ones that still have the ISO numbers on them.

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