Ann Arbor Earth Day Festival - LSNC Sign

Ann Arbor Earth Day Festival Report

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Yesterday my daughter and I attended the Ann Arbor Earth Day Festival at Leslie Science and Nature Center. We always seem to be busy at this time of year, so it was our first time attending the event. However, even yesterday we were only able to stay for a short time since I had promised my daughter we could see Born in China later in the afternoon.

Ann Arbor Earth Day Festival - LSNC Sign

Kid Friendly Activities at Ann Arbor Earth Day Festival

A number of local non-profits and businesses had activities set up for kids in tents on the Leslie Science Center parking lot. The activities were accessible to kids over a large age range. I saw preschoolers having fun and my 11 year old enjoyed the activities.


Food at Ann Arbor Earth Day Festival

Since the Ann Arbor Earth Day Festival runs from noon-4p, food is a priority. There were three food trucks present – Shimmy Shack, Hero or Villain, and Ray’s Red Hots. My daughter and I had sandwiches and fries from Hero or Villain.

Ann Arbor Earth Day Festival - Food from Hero or Villain

The event is Zero Waste. Our food was served in compostable baskets.

Visit the Leslie Science & Nature Center Animals

My daughter and I made time to visit the animals at LSNC. We visited the Critter house where we saw a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, box turtles, snakes, and more. We also walked through the raptor enclosures checking out the owls, vultures, and more birds.

What We Missed

We had to leave by 2p to make our movie time. The All Species parade was starting at 2p. We saw kids donning costumes before the parade began. Joe Reilly was setting up to play at 2:30p. There were also several guided walks through Black Pond Woods.

Next year, we will try to leave enough time to participate in more activities.

4 Tips for Ann Arbor Earth Day Festival

  1. Arrive early for the best parking options. We parked on Traver Road just southwest of Barton Dr. From there, it was a short walk to Leslie Science & Nature Center. It was easy to leave once we finished. Other great ways to get to the event are carpooling, biking (if you live close enough), and taking the bus.
  2. Prepare for the weather. We brought water bottles and sunscreen with us. If there’s a chance of rain, I recommend a poncho and umbrella.
  3. Bring a bag to carry your child’s crafts, literature, and other giveaways. I was definitely juggling everything by the time we left.
  4. Leave plenty of time to participate in all the fun activities.

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