After School Minecraft Snack and Egg Drop STEM Project

After-School: Minecraft Snack and Egg Drop STEM Project

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Since we’re still waiting for all of her after-school activities to resume, I decided to treat my daughter after school with a special snack and STEM Activity. She and our next door neighbor are both obsessed with Minecraft. They can spend hours on their respective iPads building their world or watching Minecraft videos. Along with their love of Minecraft, they also love LEGO and have enjoyed participating in Science Olympiad each spring. An Egg Drop Project is one of the most popular activities that we have done at the annual “Friend Camp Day” that we hosted the last two years. 

After School Minecraft Snack and Egg Drop STEM Project

When I suggested making a Minecraft themed snack using NABISCO Go-Paks, Snack Pack® Pudding Cups, and Reddi-wip and following the snack with an Egg Drop experiment, my daughter was thrilled and wanted to invite our neighbor to join her.


Minecraft Go-Paks!

Walking Tacos are a huge hit when my daughter goes camping with her Girl Scout Troop. Go-Paks! from NABISCO are a perfect way to create a snack walking taco since they are only partially full and the great starting point for our treat since they are sold only partial full and are plastic so they will not leak. Snack Pack Pudding is available in a variety of flavors and make a perfect addition to our Go-Paks! treat. They are shelf-stable and do not need to be refrigerated which is great for on the go snacking, or for when you have a full refrigerator. Reddi-wip is a great way to top off your creation.

After School Minecraft Snack and Egg Drop STEM Project Ingredients

In trying to come up with ideas for the Minecraft Go-Paks!, I asked my daughter what food exists in Minecraft because I am not very familiar with it. She started rattling off some options: “cake, cookies, apples, rotting flesh”….What! I’d heard enough!

After that, I decided to work on my own. I made a “Minecraft” creation using a more traditional Minecraft palette of a Vanilla Snack Pack Pudding dyed green with food coloring. I mixed the pudding into my Go-Paks! Mini OREO Golden Sandwich Cookies which represent cake and topped it all with Reddi-wip so that I could mine for my food.

After School Minecraft Snack and Egg Drop STEM Project My Creation Mining for Cake


My daughter selected a Go-Paks! Mini OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies and a Vanilla Snack Pack Pudding to make her creation. She wanted to create “The End”. She pulled some OREO cookies out of the Go-Paks!, layered pudding on the remaining cookies, and topped it with an OREO “Obsidian Tower” made from some of the OREO cookies she removed. Her tower toppled over, which was perfect to represent The End after the Ender Dragon had destroyed the tower.

After School Minecraft Snack and Egg Drop STEM Project The End Creation

Her friend made a village with a Go-Paks! CHIPS AHOY! Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Chocolate-Vanilla Snack Pack Pudding by pulling out some of the cookies, adding the pudding and then building a house with the reserved CHIPS AHOY!. His house collapsed, so he decided the village had been destroyed (either that or it was a mine shaft that caved in instead of a village). I love how they used their creativity when the snack didn’t turn out just as they had intended. I let them break out their iPads to play some Minecraft while they enjoyed their snacks.

After School Minecraft Snack and Egg Drop STEM Project Snack Time


Science Time with Go-Paks! and Pudding Cups

The sturdy Go-Paks! and the empty Snack Pack Pudding Cups are perfect for a variety of STEM activities, a great alternative to playing on their iPads. After my daughter and friend finished their snack, I rinsed their containers so the kids could use them to protect an egg when it was dropped.

Between trips to the local scrap store and some recyclable materials that my daughter has saved, we have quite a collection for building projects or building an egg drop container. A recent addition to our collection is pom-poms that we have received at various sporting events over the years. I also provided each of the kids with a pair of scissors. For younger children, I suggest that you help with any cutting that they need done.

After School Minecraft Snack and Egg Drop STEM Project Assembly

To build their first egg drop container, the only instructions that I gave the kids was that they had to use both their pudding cup and their Go-Paks! cup. I then let them rummage through our bag of scraps for whatever they wanted to use in cushioning the egg.


After building their container, the kids took turns dropping them from the platform of our play structure onto the mulch. If you don’t have access to a play structure, you can also use a ladder on the driveway or sidewalk. 

After School Minecraft Snack and Egg Drop STEM Project Drop Time

They both had success with their first container and wanted to keep building, so I challenged them to remove all padding from the outside of the Go-Paks! and just protect it from the inside. My daughter didn’t have as much luck with this challenge since her egg broke.

After School Minecraft Snack and Egg Drop STEM Project Creations

The kids wanted to keep going, and they built more egg drop containers until the 4 eggs that I had provided were cracked. 


A Successful After-School Activity

The Minecraft Go-Paks! snack and Egg Drop provided a successful afternoon diversion for my daughter and her friend. For two kids who are hard to get outside for more than 10 minutes at a time, they spent 2 hours outside enjoying their snack and making Egg Drop containers. They were even talking about when they could do an Egg Drop again. I’d definitely call that a win.

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  1. My son did this at the Take Your Child To Work event at my husband’s work this past year. They had a blast creating their containers and my son’s creation was one of the only ones that was successful out of all of the other kids creations (he was the youngest out of 30 kids!). Such a great way to get them to think outside the box. #client

  2. That’s so awesome that your son was successful. I use a relatively low drop height and onto mulch so the odds were in their favor. My driveway is too sloped for safe ladder usage.

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