YPT Mary Poppins Review

Last night my family attended the Young People’s Theater production of Mary Poppins. This was the third YPT show that my daughter and I have attended, but a first for my husband. My daughter and I had seen the Broadway tour of Mary Poppins at the Detroit Opera House in December 2010.

Since we had seen Mary Poppins in Detroit, we were prepared for the storyline to be a little different than the movie. The play is a little darker with Mary Poppins being more stern and less fun, more true to the book series. But, don’t worry there are plenty of familiar songs included from the movie.

YPT Presents Mary Poppins

I love YPT Productions for the quality and price combination ($49 for our family of 3 including ticket fees). YPT shows are a step up from many of the high school shows that we have seen.

On our way home I was asking my daughter for her opinions to share with readers. It was announced that there was to be no photography during the show so I have no pictures to share in the post.


Favorite Songs

My favorite scene was the “Step in Time” number from the second act. The scene involves almost the entire cast, most dressed as chimney sweeps and tap dancing to the song.

My daughter’s favorite song was “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. The song is expanded from the movie version. My daughter was most amazed by how quickly they spelled the word. For me what makes the spelling amazing was how it was not grouped phonetically.

Meanwhile, my husband was looking for “Spoonful of Sugar” – yes it does appear.


The set pieces were amazing. My only complaint was that we were seated on the far right side of the theater (Section 1, seats 1,3,5). We could not see action that happened on the right side of the stage. We only bought our tickets late this week, so I didn’t have much choice left. Next year, I am going to learn from this experience and buy our tickets earlier. Not only were the sets amazing, but the way that they used wires to make characters fly is not what you would expect from a children’s performance.


The acting was amazing all around. In past YPT performances, there have been one or two performances that stood out to me as amazing. But when I thought about yesterday’s performance, I realized all of the main performances were excellent – Bert, Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, and Mr & Mrs Banks.


We love that YPT involves kids from early elementary through high school. We knew a couple of the kids in the show from school, so she was excited to look for them in the cast. With a show of nearly 3 hours and an early morning soccer game on Saturday, we had to head home so my daughter could get to bed.


We definitely recommend Mary Poppins by Young People’s Theater. Because of the darker nature of the show and a run time of 2 hours and 40 minutes, I recommend kids be at least 5 years old for the show.

Additional Shows

There are limited tickets available for the remaining shows, particularly the Sunday matinee. If you purchase your tickets online in advance (available from MUTO), you will need to pick your tickets up at Will Call so allot enough time to wait at will call before your show.

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