Water Filter Subscription Helps Us Enjoy Herbal Iced Tea

Water Filter Subscription Helps Us Enjoy Herbal Iced Tea

Disclosure: Sears Parts Direct has sponsored this article on their Water Filter Subscription Service. This article contains affiliate links. We will earn a small commission on purchases through these links at no cost to you. All opinions are our own.

The Sears PartsDirect Water Filter Subscription Program ensures that we will remember to change our water filter – and will always have one on hand when needed.

Why a Water Filter?

Water has been my go-to beverage for years. I always have a glass of water or water bottle with me. When we bought our refrigerator, one with a water filter and dispenser was a top priority. I don’t want to buy bottled water from both an environmental and cost perspective. While my family is not as into plain water, water still plays a major factor in their drinking. My husband and teen daughter love tea! They both regularly drink both iced tea and hot tea both made with filtered water.

While we have pretty good quality tap water at our home, I still prefer using filtered water. It provides an extra safeguard against lead and other metals, chlorine taste, volatile organic compounds. The filter our refrigerator uses has NSF 42, 53, and 401 certifications. NSF certification 42 filters reduce chlorine taste and odor, iron, chloramines, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and zinc. They also neutralize the pH. An NSF 53 certification adds a reduction of lead and other heavy metals, fluoride, nitrate/nitrite, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The 401 certification includes filtering for some pesticides and pharmaceuticals that might be present in low concentrations.

Additionally, having the water filter and dispenser on the refrigerator means I get nice cold water all the time. My filter also filters the water that is in the ice maker. Since I frequently add ice to my beverage or make smoothies, I like knowing that my ice also uses filtered water.

Beyond the health benefits of the filtration, using filtered water can also extend the life of other appliances that use water. For example, using filtered water helps prevent scale build-up in our coffee maker. It can also prevent corrosion of parts in the coffee maker and built-in ice maker.

Herbal Iced Tea

We almost always have a variety of iced tea in our refrigerator and always make it with filtered water. Herbal Iced Tea is a great beverage choice because it is sugar free and caffeine free. Over the years we have tried several varieties of tea. It is a balance of flavors, cost, and convenience. We have settled on Celestial Seasonings Herbal teas as our favorite. The tea bags are not individually wrapped which saves on waste and time in preparing the iced tea.

Our favorite flavors of Celestial Seasonings to make sun tea are:

  • Raspberry Zinger
  • Watermelon Lime Zinger
  • Wild Berry Zinger
  • True Blueberry
  • Black Cherry Berry
Water Filter Subscription - Steeping Tea

To make our iced tea, we place 20 tea bags in a sun tea gallon jar, fill with filtered water from our refrigerator, and place in refrigerator for 18-24 hours. Then we remove the tea bags and fill any remaining space with water. This allows us to make iced tea all year.

Water Filter Subscriptions with Sears PartsDirect

Our refrigerator is a Kenmore and we always bought our filters at Sears. However when the Sears in Briarwood Mall closed, we lost our local filter source. I tried buying off-brand filters online with less than acceptable results. One had so much gel on the nozzle that I could not imagine drinking from it. Our genuine Kenmore filters never had a gel.

I recently learned that Sears PartsDirect offers a water filter subscription service. I can get genuine Kenmore filters to use with my Kenmore refrigerators. They also stock filters for other popular brands like Frigidaire, GE, LG, Maytag, Samsung, Whirlpool, and many others.

Water filters are available for one-time purchase or a recurring 6 or 12 month subscription. A water filter subscription is a great choice. Not only do you get free shipping with a water filter subscription, the delivery itself is a great reminder that it is time to change your filter.

The Water Filter Finder made it easy to find my replacement filters. You select refrigerator brand, door style, filter location, and installation type. My kitchen refrigerator had one filter option while my basement bar refrigerator had 3 options. I love that I can find the genuine Kenmore filters with confidence. They have great videos that show you how to replace your filter based on different types of replacement (push button, twist to remove, ).

Start your Sears PartsDirect water filter subscription now to be prepared for summer.

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