Today is National Pizza Day!

Did you know that today was National Pizza Day? Usually that means that I would have planned pizza for dinner tonight. However, there are a few reasons that pizza didn’t work for our family tonight.

National Pizza Day

We didn’t have pizza tonight because:

  • We had leftover mashed potatoes to eat tonight which don’t exactly pair well with pizza.
  • Pizza is a distinct possibility the night of my daughter’s science fair later this week
  • We had lots of leftover homemade pizza last weekend after our Super Bowl party with decreased attendance due to the weather.

Homemade Pizza

My husband is a big fan of homemade pizza. I don’t mind as long as he does the work of the crust. Our preferences for Homemade pizza are the Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix for a traditional pizza or an Auntie Anne’s home pretzel kit to make a Barbecue Chicken Pizza. We have a cookie sheet that we use just for pizza – it already has the

Our other homemade pizza option for a quick meal is English Muffin Pizzas – a favorite of my husband’s. We actually had plans for the kids to make their own English Muffin pizzas at my daughter’s 3rd birthday party. Unfortunately a power outage as the guests arrived forced us to relocate the party.


Restaurant Pizza

Take Out Pizza

Ann Arbor has no shortage of pizza restaurants. From the national chains like Domino’s and Little Caesar’s to local chains like Cottage Inn, Jet’s Pizza, and Aubree’s there are plenty of places for a take-out pizza to feed your family or a crowd. Our personal favorites are Cottage Inn and Aubree’s. However, if I’m feeding kids, I’ll often select Little Caesar’s since their Hot and Ready pizzas are both inexpensive and ready quickly.

Restaurant Pizza

My daughter’s favorite Ann Arbor pizza restaurant is NeoPapalis. She loves “getting to design my own pizza. If you design well, you get a really good pizza. Either way it’s really good.” My husband and I also really enjoy their pizza. We usually each create a pizza with my husband and I eating half and bringing home the other half. However, our daughter usually eats her whole pizza (of course she leaves the crusts behind, so it isn’t quite double what we eat). We also recommend the Ranch Parmesan Breadsticks. They are awesome puffed dough with butter, Parmesan cheese, and Ranch Dipping Sauce. We often have dinner there when my daughter’s school has an evening event since it is convenient to my husband’s office. Service has always been quick.

Another favorite is Mangiamo Italian Grill in Saline. My husband’s favorite is their Chicago Style pizza pie. It takes 25-35 minutes to cook, so you may want to order appetizers while you wait.


We recently visited Bigalora in Arbor Hills and really enjoyed their pizza.

Mani’s has won awards for their pizza, and we have enjoyed it the couple of times that we have been. However, it tends to get crowded and doesn’t accept reservations for parties less than 6.

Your Favorites?

So what are your favorite pizza places around Ann Arbor? Is it one of the ones I mentioned? Or another one? Add your comments below or on Facebook.

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  • Avatar Liz

    Thanks for sharing your pizza places! I am not from Ann Arbor, but have a trip planned to visit soon and it is nice to have a local’s perspective.

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