Rolling Sculpture Car Show 2010 & BDs Mongolian Grill

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Friday evening we attended the Rolling Sculpture Car Show for the second year. The car show is from mid afternoon through late evening. This year it was scheduled to end at 10p, but as we left about 9:15p we noticed that a number of cars had already departed.

She was having a great time looking at cars. She was even interested in the engines. She got to go in a VW camper and an Airstream camper which she was fascinated by. She was quite interested in the cars until she noticed kids with balloon animals and started asking for one of those. Then she saw the fairy car and heard all about the fairy doors. At that point, she was done with the cars. She just wanted to find the purple fairy door (Selo/Shevel Gallery). Once she found the purple door, it was off to find the balloon animals. After acquiring her very large balloon flower, we were off to see more cars and find the fairy door and box office window at The Ark.

Busch’s had a stand setup and was selling hot dogs, chips, and beverages. I do not remember any food stands last year. However, when we first wandered by (about 6:45p) they had chips, beverages, hot dogs, but were out of rolls. As we were leaving (9:15), they had found more rolls and were back in business.

Last year, we ended up walking to State Street to find a restaurant with a decent wait time. This year, we were prepared with 8p reservations at BDs Mongolian Grill. The restaurant was fairly crowded and it did take awhile for our server to come to our table. They now keep the bowls to prepare your dishes in the back and you have to get them from your server (at least at busy times). I really enjoyed the Caribbean flavors that they are currently featuring, especially the $5 pina colada.

We are looking forward to the Rolling Sculpture Car Show next year.


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