Little Caesars Arena/District Detroit Preview

On Thursday night I was invited to visit the District Detroit Preview Center with a group that included local travel industry professionals and travel bloggers. The Preview Center focuses on the development of the Little Caesars Arena, the new home of the Red Wings and Pistons.

Sadly, Mike Ilitch, owner of the Red Wings and Tigers passed away on Friday at the age of 87 and will not see the completion of the project.

About District Detroit

District Detroit is a 50 block revitalization project in Downtown Detroit with the motto “Come Out, Be Amazed”. The project is spearheaded by the Ilitch Family.

District Detroit

Facts about District Detroit:

  • Includes the new Little Caesars Arena, Comerica Park, Ford Field, Fox Theatre, Fillmore Theater, and Masonic Temple
  • Currently 12 million visitors/year
  • Expected to increase to 16 million visitors/year with the opening of Little Caesars Arena
  • There are 20,000 theater seats in District Detroit – Second only to NYC’s Broadway area
  • It is the Largest Private Urban Development in the Country
  • There are 25 historic buildings in District Detroit
  • Little Caesars Corporate Headquarters will be in the district, near the Fox Theatre.
  • The M-1 Rail Street Cars will run along Woodward Avenue with connections to the People Mover and out to Wayne State.
    District Detroit Layout


About Little Caesars Arena

Little Caesars Arena will be the new home of the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Pistons.

District Detroit - Little Caesars Arena

In front of the arena will be Via, an indoor public street open 365 days/year. This will run between the seating area and the outbuildings.

Facts about Little Caesars Arena:District Detroit Luxury Box

  • Seats 20,000
  • There are 60 suites that cost around $400k/year
  • Players Club Lounge that players walk through on the way to/from bench.
  • Steepest Seats in the NHL
  • Limited Empty Space beneath the seats
  • Outbuildings around the arena house retail, restaurants, team offices, etc.
  • Will also serve as the practice facility for the Red Wings with a practice ice below the arena
  • Expected to hold events 200 nights/year

I’m hoping to have a chance to check out Little Caesars Arena once it opens this fall. I’ll have to check when my team, the Rangers, comes to town.


Centaur Bar

We finished our night up at the Centaur Bar with complimentary drinks and appetizers. As a Girl Scout cookie mom, I had to go for the Dirty Girl Scout martini – mint and chocolate. I also enjoyed their appetizer selection.District Detroit - Centaur Bar - Drinks & Appetizers

I would definitely return if I was downtown with adults only. Actually my 11 year old would probably enjoy many of their appetizers as a pre-show or sporting event meal.


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