Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village – 2010 Review

Greenfield Village hosts Holiday Nights on several nights through December. This year we attended on December 23 which was a great way to kick off the holiday weekend.

On the pre-Christmas dates, they offer Supper with Santa before the event at an added cost. You can also read my review of the Supper with Santa.
Holiday Nights runs from 6-10p and concludes with a sing-a-long and fireworks presentation starting at 9:40p. The event is held regardless of the weather, so plan to dress warmly. I brought snow pants and boots for my daughter to keep her warm. I wish I had snow pants to keep my legs warm.
Model T and Horse Drawn Wagon rides are free of charge, but there was quite a line after 6:30p. Carousel rides were also free and had a lengthy line. There is an old-fashioned ice rink and skates are available for rent. I still haven’t convinced my daughter to give ice skating a try. They also had numerous fires lit as you walked through the village.
We spent most of our time touring the homes. Each of the homes were decorated for the holidays in a different era (including homes that were not decorated as the holidays were not celebrated). Several of the homes were cooking holiday dinner including Christmas cookies, a goose, and a chocolate making demonstration. A rare treat for Greenfield Village was that Cotswold Cottage was open for visitors. It was staged as a BIVOUAC from World War II with British and American soldiers staying in the home for the holidays. We waited 15 minutes to get in, which is evidently a fairly short wait since the cottage is only open a few times a year. Had I known this, we would have headed to the cottage first. My daughter enjoyed most of the houses. Most of them were walk through and we could stay as long as she was interested. The Cottage was the only one that was hard because of the wait to get in and then there were two rooms and you moved through them as a group. The group ahead of us was taking a long time, so she got bored.
Santa was on a second story porch with a microphone greeting the guests. There were several greeters in the area that you could feed your child’s name to so that Santa can greet them by name. My daughter was thrilled to hear Santa call her name. In front of the house was a pen with several reindeer.
Another fun activity we enjoyed was viewing Gingerbread houses made by local culinary students. We had the opportunity to vote for which house was our favorite. Of course, my daughter selected the pink one as her favorite.
Unfortunately, the 9:40 start for the sing-along was just too late for her. By 9p, she was asking to go home. Since we knew that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day would probably be long nights, we decided to leave early. I wish they would do the sing-along a little earlier.
We had a great time at Holiday Nights. While it was a cold night and there was a little bit of snow on the ground, it was not raining or snowing so the weather was manageable. The fire pits and getting hot chocolate also helped. I will definitely plan to do this again.

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  1. I am not sure how to communicate to you on here, but I have to tell you of an event that’s listed on your event calendar that’s not correct. It says that every Wednesday there is a Border’s storytime and craft at Arborland at 630-700pm, but my son and I went there 2 weeks ago and asked the librarian about this during the time it said on this site, and she had no idea what I was talking about. She said there is no storytime at 630 on Wednesdays, and that there should not be incorrect information about events on the website. I think your information is great otherwise and love to be out doing fun events with my 4 year old son. We do almost all the activities and events in and aroudn Ann Arbor. Please just check to see if your information about events is correct on this website before posting it, and remove the 630pm storytime at Borders in Arborland. Thanks!

  2. also I called the downtown Broders to check to see if they had the 100pm storytime on Wednesdays currently running, and the person on the phone said no, there is no 100 Wednesday sotrytime there. The ideas for events are great on your weekly calendar, but please make sure they are correct before entering them on the weekly calender for parents to follow for events for their preschoolers. I hope someone read this and updates the events to current ones. Thank You!

  3. Thank you for letting me know. These events were held at one time and I did not realize they were no longer being held. The Waters Place times had been on the website, but are no longer listed, so I have removed them all.

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