Driving in America Disaster Averted! Fun Trip to Henry Ford Museum

Yesterday my daughter and I visited the Henry Ford for the first time since the new Driving in America exhibit opened at the end of January. As we started through the area the kids kept asking where the K’nex racing cars our. We missed them the first time through the exhibit much to the disappointment of our kids.

Flying Paper Airplanes

So I tweeted about it hoping to get a response from the museum. As we were heading from the airplanes to lunch at Michigan Cafe, we came out behind the diner and discovered the K’nex. The kids were quite relieved. Also, they have added several comfy sofas and chairs in this area – quite nice for the parents. While they were building, I pulled out my phone and found that the museum had replied with the location of the K’nex. Amazingly, we had been right next to them following the evolution of cars through time and had our backs to them. Their tweet did say that sometimes they move them for special events, so they may have moved them for Target Family Day on Monday.

My husband has been talking about eating at Lamy’s Diner now that it is a functioning restaurant. They have added booths and tables outside the diner to complement the seating within.While we brought our own lunch this trip, I did check out the Lamy’s Diner menu. They offer simple sandwich diner fare…BLT, club sandwich, hot open faced roast beef, and a daily special along with a few other items, soup, sides, etc. I did not see a children’s menu on the menu I looked at. We are definitely planning to eat there on one of our future trips.

In addition to finding the K’nex racers, the kids were able to do some of their other favorite activities: Paper airplanes and building in your place in time. The hot dog making set outside the Wienermobile was gone. My daughter’s other disappointment was that the Dymaxion house was closed for renovations and you could not get into it. She loves the “Circle House” and getting to watch the shelves in the bedroom rotate. Much to my relief her friend was not into the rubbings and she willingly skipped them, so I wasn’t left carrying around many sheets of paper.

The kids were also very excited to see signs for the Titanic exhibit and were disappointed that we couldn’t visit it yesterday. The Titanic exhibit opens March 31, 2012 and runs through September 30, 2012. It will require the purchase of a special timed ticket. For members, this ticket is $10. For non-members the cost will include museum admission ($27 for adults, $22.50 for youth, free for children 4 and under).


We have a membership to the Henry Ford and really recommend it to families. When my daughter was under 5 and had free admission, I had a companion pass so I could bring my husband or a friend with me. We now have the Family Flex membership and I love being able to bring friends with me.

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