Dexter Cider Mill Review

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Yesterday after school we went to the Dexter Cider Mill with several of my daughter’s school friends and their parents. It was our first trip to Dexter Cider Mill.

Sitting on the wall
at Dexter Cider Mill

I was not surprised to see high prices on cider since Michigan apples are in such short supply this year. The gallon was $9 and the half was $5.25. Since individual cups of cider were $2, I opted to buy a half-gallon and share it with another family who we had driven with. We also purchased a dozen donuts.

The cider mill sits on the Huron River in Dexter. Behind the building is an area with picnic tables right above the river. The kids enjoyed throwing rocks into the river and then climbing the retaining walls next to the building. The area is not huge and with 8 kids in our group, it was a bit much especially with other groups.

Update (9/16/12): Last night my daughter was telling dad about her trip and the rock throwing and climbing. “Do you know why we did all that? It was boring there and all the parents wanted to do was talk.” Guess she would prefer more activity or at least space to run.

The donuts were delicious. However, as is typical at cider mills, the bees were ever present. Everyone in our group had purchased their cider in gallon or half-gallon jugs. We were able to manage the bees by pouring cider in small quantities and drinking them quickly.


Dexter Cider Mill is located at 3685 Central St in Dexter. They are open 9a-5p Wednesday-Friday. For the adults, they also have a small wine tasting area with wines from Sandhill Crane Winery. One of my friends tried the Apple Mead. She liked it and ended up buying a bottle.

We had a fun trip, but it is just the cider mill and lacks the orchard atmosphere that I prefer. Even though there are no apples to pick at the orchard, we will be visiting Wasem Fruit Farm again this year to pick our pumpkins and enjoy more cider and donuts.

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