Day out With Thomas

Today we went to Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad in Genesee County for Day Out with Thomas. In April 2008, we attended this event at Greenfield Village in Dearborn. This year, we elected to skip the Greenfield Village event since it was considerably cheaper at Crossroads Village.

The ride at Crossroads Village was longer and the coaches looked more like Annie & Clarabel (Thomas’s coaches). However, Greenfield Village had a full Thomas engine who pulled the train solo, whereas at Crossroads Village, Thomas was a bit smaller and was followed by a second engine to help pulling the train.

Train Ride at Day Out with Thomas at Huckleberry Railroad


I did like how they did pictures with Thomas better at Greenfield Village. At Greenfield Village, the picture taking was part of the line for the train ride. At Crossroads Village, the picture line was separate and only available for 15 minutes between train rides. They didn’t cut off the line so you may be in line and not get a chance for a picture. Also, you really could not do it before your ride because you should be in line for the ride. And if you were towards the back of the train, your chances of making it through the line were slim especially if you stopped to retrieve a stroller or wagon. However, you could return at any time to have the pictures taken. At both places, they had a photographer there whose pictures you could purchase but they did not care if you took your own pictures.


Day Out with Thomas at Crossroads Village

They had an Imagination Station setup with wooden train tables, a large setup of the Trackmaster toys, a Duplo Thomas table, a table with stamps, and tables for coloring. There was a large area of inflatables including a Thomas one. Unfortunately, my daughter does not like these, but her friends had fun on them. They had bubbles setup nearby. The old school house was setup with a Thomas DVD alternating with Thomas storytelling.

Playing with Trains at Day Out with Thomas

Crossroads Village has several rides that the kids may enjoy. The big hit with my daughter was the Venetian Swings which were big boat swings that you used a rope to continue the motion. Fortunately, Dad rode with her on it so I didn’t have to do the work. They also had a small railroad train, a pony & cart ride, a carousel, and a ferris wheel.

Venetian Swing at Crossroads Village

We had a great day at Day Out With Thomas & will look forward to it again next year.

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