Daily Activity – Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Walk

With school closed and a stay at home order for COVID-19 preventions, Ann Arbor with Kids is providing a Daily Activity Video on our Facebook Page. For today’s Daily Activity, we are going on a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Walk.

Lillie Park Playground - Trail Overlook

Neighborhood Walks

With the weather warming up, it is a great time to get outside for a walk. It’s amazing how much getting outside in the sunshine can help after a few days inside. We enjoyed getting to talk to wave to others on walks and even talk to the neighbors outside – from a safe distance of much more than 6′.

We are lucky that we have a park adjacent to our neighborhood so we can combine a neighborhood and a park walk.

However, my daughter sometimes needed motivation for a walk – or to make it longer. We would give her a list of things she had to find on a walk. On a walk last week, we took notice of several things in our neighborhood that we thought would be easy to find in most Ann Arbor neighborhoods.

We used these items to create two Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Cards (see printable downloads in the section below).

Ann Arbor Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Work together as a family to find the items on the card – or have the kids compete against each other. Better yet, work on one now and save the other one for your next walk.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Cards

Print out one of our Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Cards when you head out for a walk. Or you can save them on your phone and use an app to mark them up when you see an item.

Card 2 is a little harder than Card 1 so it will be better for the older kids.

Have you ever created a scavenger hunt for your kids to do on a walk?

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