The Bomber Restaurant Review

For years we have been wanting to try The Bomber Restaurant in Ypsilanti for Breakfast. We finally made it there this weekend.

The Bomber Restaurant - Decorations

The Bomber Restaurant is known for it’s World War II Memorabilia and it’s breakfasts. Personally, I loved the planes hanging from the ceiling.

The Bomber Restaurant Menu

The Bomber offers a wide variety of breakfast items from eggs to pancakes and French Toast. The portions are HUGE, but fortunately there are half-portions and single piece options on many dishes.

Cap’n Crunch French Toast

The one dish that we have heard about repeatedly is their Cap’n Crunch French Toast. While none of us wanted to order it as our meal, we decided to share a single slice. It was delicious. I will definitely consider this for our next visit.


The Bomber Restaurant - Cap'n Crunch French Toast

Chocolate Hazelnut French Toast

My daughter selected the Chocolate Hazelnut French Toast for her meal (a half-order). It was basically a sandwich made with French Toast as the bread and chocolate hazelnut as the filling. My daughter said it was amazing and tastes just like a crepe. I tried a bite and agree. Although, I would have improved the dish by adding banana slices to the chocolate hazelnut.

The Bomber Restaurant - Chocolate Hazelnut French Toast


The Patriot Pancake

I tried the Patriot Pancake which has granola, pecans, and peanut butter (or butterscotch) chips and is drizzled with caramel sauce. Even with a half order, I ate just under half for breakfast and had two more breakfasts from the leftovers.

The Bomber Restaurant - The Patriot Pancake

The Sunrise Biscuit

My husband is the only one who managed to finish (most of) his breakfast. He ordered the sunrise biscuit…an open face biscuit topped with eggs, sausage, and cheese. Our daughter had some of the potatoes, and we brought some home. But, he finished the biscuit and eggs.

The Bomber Restaurant - Sunrise Biscuit

The Bomber Logistics

The Bomber Restaurant’s address is 306 E. Michigan Ave in Ypsilanti. There is a parking lot behind the building. I recommend entering via the rear entrance from the parking lot. When they are crowded, the line forms in the hallway from the parking lot.

The Bomber Restaurant - Back Entrance

The Bomber Restaurant is open from 7a-3p daily serving both breakfast and lunch.

Learn more on the The Bomber’s Facebook page.

The Bomber Overview

We will definitely be returning to The Bomber for breakfast. We also found a few interesting items on their lunch menu, so we may try lunch sometime as well. The Bomber is definitely worth the drive from Ann Arbor to Ypsilanti for breakfast.

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