Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor - Enjoying her Meal

Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor – Washtenaw Ave Restaurant Review

Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor opened in August 2016. Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual pizza restaurant where every guest customizes their own pizza. The pizzas cook in just 3 minutes in their wood fired ovens. Prior to opening they invited my family and I for a sneak peek of the new restaurant.

Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor - Exterior

Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor Restaurant

Blaze Pizza is located at 3500 Washtenaw Avenue across from Arborland Mall. The restaurant offers a mix of individual tables along a bench and long bar style seating. I really liked the decor of the restaurant. However, I did observe that it was pretty loud in the restaurant. We even had a little trouble ordering since it was so loud.

Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor -Interior

In October 2016, they opened a second location in Ann Arbor – 980A Eisenhower Parkway (Cranbrook Shopping Center).


Outdoor Seating at Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor

Like several downtown Ann Arbor restaurants, they use glass garage doors to transition seating from indoor to outdoor seating. There are two garage doors on the front of the restaurant offering covered outdoor seating. The inner wall of the patio seating also offers a garage door that can be opened in winter to expand the indoor seating options.

Food at Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor

Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual pizza restaurant where you can customize individual pizzas. I love that they offer three price points – a plain pizza, a one topping pizza, and customized or signature pizzas. On our visit, we each customized our own pizza. Guests follow their pizza through the line adding toppings at each station. I took this Facebook Live video during our dinner:

Thank you Blaze Pizza for inviting us to review your new Ann Arbor location. We're going to walk you through ordering and touring the restaurant.

Posted by Ann Arbor with Kids on Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Daughter’s Build Your Own Pizza

My daughter loves making her own pizza – no simple cheese pizza for her. She started with the classic red sauce and ovalini mozzarella, grilled chicken, red onions, garlic, and basil. With all the toppings that she adds, I definitely appreciated that the build your own pizza was one price and that we weren’t paying by the topping.


My Husband’s Build Your Own Pizza

My husband took advantage of the fact that we were each ordering our own pizzas to add mushrooms to his pizza. I have a mushroom allergy and my daughter refuses to try them based on my experience. He also used the red sauce, shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, sautéed onions, and basil.

Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor - Sausage, Mushroom Pizza

My Signature Pizza

I was so busy taking the restaurant in, that I decided to keep things simple by ordering one of the signature pizzas – the Green Stripe Pizza. The Green Strip Pizza has mozzarella, chicken, red peppers, garlic, finished wwith a pesto drizzle and arugula after baking. I also added artichoke hearts to the pizza.

Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor -Green Stripe Pizza

Pizza Reviews

Our pizzas were ready pretty quickly. By the time we checked out and filled our drinks, our names were being called.

The pizzas are pretty big and with a smaller appetite, you could share or bring half home. We each ate half of our pizzas and saved the other half for lunch Monday. We all loved our pizzas.

Other Menu Items

My daughter and I shared a Caesar side salad. At $3.95, it was a great add-on to make half a pizza enough. The lettuce was fresh and I appreciated that they had the dressing in a container instead of pre-mixed with the lettuce. Sometimes I fell like places use too much dressing.

Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor - Caesar Salad

Blaze Pizza offers several non-standard drink options. I enjoyed their Prickly Pear Agua Fresca and my daughter enjoyed the Blood Orange Lemonade. They also had Key Lime Mint Agua Fresca and Lemonade. On the soda fountain, in addition to your standard Coke, Diet Coke, they also had Black Cherry Soda, Root Beer, and Orange Mango Soda.

Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor - Drinks

You will not want to miss dessert at Blaze Pizza. They offer S’mores Pies – chocolate and marshmallow between two Graham Cracker Rounds. When we ordered the S’mores Pies (1 for each of us), they offered to heat them for us, but since we declined since we were going to be eating our pizzas first. We ended up taking them home and heating them up in the toaster oven. They’re a delicious treat and one that will keep us returning to Blaze Pizza. Next time, I’ll plan to take them home again or order them after we’re done the pizzas to enjoy them hot. 

Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor - S'mores Pie

Overall Blaze Pizza Review

We loved Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor. My daughter said it’s her new go-to suggestion for quick meals on Washtenaw. I definitely recommend getting the S’Mores Pie for dessert. 

Blaze Pizza Ann Arbor - Enjoying her Meal




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