Bagger Dave’s Restaurant Review

Update 8/5/2017 –

Bagger Dave’s in Ann Arbor has closed.

This weekend, my husband suggested Bagger Dave’s for lunch. It was a great choice since we all love burgers and I can’t remember the last time that we visited.

Burger Selections

Bagger Dave’s offers a wide variety of burgers. You can can choose one of their Specialty Burgers or Create Your Own. Burgers come with your choice of hand fries or sweet potato chips. My husband loves the sweet potato chips with the honey cinnamon dipping sauce. My daughter and I opted for the fries.

Create Your Own

After some internal debate, my daughter decided to create her own burger. Pineapple as a topping intrigued her. So, she decided to get a single burger topped with pineapple, sautéed onions, and Asian Sesame dressing. 

Bagger Dave's Review - Create Your Own Burger

Asian Turkey Burger

Based on my daughter’s creation, I decided to order the specialty Asian Turkey Burger. It does not include pineapple, but I was able to add it as a topping. The Asian Turkey Burger includes cole slaw which is not available from the Create Your Own burger menu.


Bagger Dave's Review - Asian Turkey Burger

Bacon BBQ Burger

My husband opted for a Bacon BBQ Burger, but changed the roll type.

Bagger Dave's Review - Bacon BBQ Burger


Kids Menu

Bagger Dave’s Kids Menu is for ages 12 & Under. Options include burgers, grilled cheese, Mac & Cheese, and more. While only 11, my daughter opted for an adult meal so that she could customize her burger. She did ask for a kids menu for the activities.

As listed on our Kids Eat Free Guide, Bagger Dave’s offers discounted Kids Meals ($2.95) on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Other Menu Items

In addition to burgers and fries/chips, Bagger Dave’s offers sandwiches, mac & cheese, salads, and more. In the past we’ve enjoyed their milkshakes. 

Thoughts on Food

We all enjoyed our burgers (or turkey burger for me). While I enjoyed the Asian Turkey Burger, I may go back to the Santa Fe Chipotle Turkey Burger on our next visit. I’ve ordered it before and like it a bit better than the Asian Turkey Burger.

Bagger Dave’s Restaurant

We visited Bagger Dave’s for lunch on Sunday. We were able to be seated right away and our service was efficient. The biggest delay was us deciding what to order. 

Bagger Dave's Review - Ann Arbor mural

Bagger Dave’s decor combines local nostalgia with train theming. We were seated in front of a large historic image of State St in Ann Arbor. Kids will love the train that travels overhead through both sections of the restaurant.

Bagger Dave's Review - Overhead Train

Bagger Dave’s Ann Arbor is located at 859 West Eisenhower Parkway in the Colonnade Shopping Center.

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