Apologies for Site Issues

Over the weekend, I mentioned that the site was having back end issues. I am in the process of rebuilding the site. I have recovered all of the articles and the event calendar. However, recent images and some settings are still missing.

Ann Arbor with Kids Site Issues - July 8, 2019

Blocked Users

Missing files led to some users generating an abundance of page not found errors. Under normal operations, these errors usually mean someone spamming the site, so security protocols block the URL.


While I continue to recover the site, I have increased the threshold and unblocked everyone who was blocked this morning. My apologies to anyone who was blocked…and thanks to the friend who alerted me to the problem. I will continue to monitor the blocks this afternoon and unblock anyone who should not be blocked.

Redirects Missing

Last year, we reformatted the URL format from annarborwithkids.com/year/month/page-name to annarborwithkids.com/articles/page-name. At the time, we added redirection to make sure articles with the old URL format are found. The redirections are currently missing.

If you have an issue with a incorrectly formatted URL, you can use the tips above to help resolve it.

Calendar Updates/Weekly Roundup

Over the weekend, events could not be added. My focus today has been on recovering and correcting the issues. I hope to have this finished today and the calendar updated tonight.

Security Certificate – Resolved

Last night I ended with the server rebuilt, but without the SSL certificate in place. You may have received a Security warning if you tried to access it last night or this morning. I added the certificate by 10am and the https version should be working again.

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