Ann Arbor Christmas Countdown

I love the Christmas season including the buildup to it. Particularly when my daughter was younger, we would try to do a holiday themed activity each day. Now that she’s in fifth grade, has several after school activities, and homework, it’s a little harder to fit in a daily activity.

Ann Arbor Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown

Join us on Facebook in the Ann Arbor with Kids Christmas Countdown. Each day I’ll be sharing information on activities to do with your kids for Christmas. Facebook only shows posts on our page to a small percentage of our followers, but will show all event “attendees” the posts in the event.

Advent Calendar

Do you have an Advent Calendar? My daughter was super excited that it was December 1st and she got to start her LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar.

Christmas Countdown - LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar


Christmas Countdown Traditions

Even with our busy schedule, we have a few holiday traditions that we try to keep each year.

Christmas Specials

We have a few Christmas specials that we try to watch each year. Fortunately, we have our favorites (Charlie Brown and The Grinch) on DVD so we can watch them on our schedule instead of the network’s schedule.




Christmas Events

This weekend we are heading to Greenfield Village’s Holiday Nights. We have attended many times over the years and love it. 

Greenfield Village Holiday Nights

Letters to Santa

Don’t forget to write your letters to Santa. The Ann Arbor Santa Mailbox is in place by Conor O’Neills.

Ann Arbor Santa Mailbox

Your Traditions

What are your family’s holiday traditions?

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