Snowman Diaper Cake

Snowman Diaper Cake

We’re currently planning my sister’s baby shower for right after Christmas. Since the baby shower is so close to Christmas, we are doing a winter theme. As I browsed Pinterest, I found several cute snowmen diaper-cakes. I knew it would be a perfect decoration/gift for the shower. But I was unsure of how much work it would be. Last night, my daughter, my my mom, and I got to work.

Snowman Diaper Cake

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I found great instructions for the basic diaper cake structure on Susie Stamp A Lot. I had turned off my blogger hat as we worked, so I neglected to take intermediate pictures. I made a few modifications to her directions.

  1. Roll the diapers. Unlike the instructions above, we did not unfold the diapers to roll. Instead we rolled the diapers from their folded position starting at the fold. We found the small elastic hair ties worked great for the rolled diapers since they held the diaper firmly without needing to go around twice. We rolled an entire box of Pampers Swaddlers Newborn Diapers – 84 diapers and had about 8 leftover. It was definitely easier to have them all ready than having to pause to roll more diapers.
  2. We used a hot glue gun to fasten the baby bottle to the baby powder container instead of glue dots. We weren’t worried about being able to use the baby bottle later.
  3. Our baby bottle had a flat top, so it was shorter than the one used in the instructions. We added one more diaper in there to give us support for our hat.

Now we had the basic diaper cake structure ready to go. For the top layer of our Snowman Diaper Cake – aka the Snowman’s face, we needed to cover the rubber bands around the center. We used one standard sheet of felt cut in half to fully cover the top layer. We used the hot-glue gun to glue the felt to itself forming a circle. The felt gave us a smooth surface to create the face and the ability to attach the face to something other than the diapers.

The bottom two layers were each wrapped in a pink band to conceal the rubber bands. We did anchor the ribbon to one diaper on each layer with hot glue before gluing the ribbon to itself.  In the center of each ribbon we pinned a diaper pin with a silver jingle bell tied on with a tulle ribbon.

We topped the diaper cake with a pink knit hat from Dollar Tree. The hat was stuffed with tissue paper and the diaper that was added in the center of the top layer.

We finished the Snowman Diaper Cake with a scarf. We did not find a baby sized scarf. However we used a pink fleece receiving blanket from Dollar Tree. To make the blanket long enough, we folded it on the diagonal to maximize the length and cut off the excess leaving a 6″wide swatch in the center of the blanket. We rolled the scarf to hide the rough edges and tied it around the Snowman Diaper Cake to make a scarf. We used a diaper pin and a section of tulle ribbon to make a bow.

The Snowman Diaper Cake can be made with any color ribbon, hat, or scarf. For example you could use blue if the baby will be a boy or to match the colors of the shower theme.



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