Pinkberry is Open at Briarwood!

Pinkberry at Briarwood Mall officially opens at 10a today, Friday September 23. Thursday afternoon they were open and giving away free yogurt. We can definitely recommend their products.

My daughter and I attended the VIP grand opening party and were able to try several different yogurts and toppings. We started by testing out a coconut yogurt for me and a peanut butter for her and added a variety of toppings. As a second round, we tried a chocolate and an original. They were also offering pomegranate and mango which we did not try.

Pinkberry is now open at Briarwood Mall

Enjoying Peanut Butter Yogurt

The peanut butter was absolutely amazing. It tasted exactly like peanut butter, but not as thick and heavy. The chocolate toppings were a great complement to the peanut butter. It was definitely our favorite flavor and one we would order again.

The original is listed as sweet and tangy and was too tangy for my preference. My daughter seemed to enjoy it with a variety of sweet toppings. She does enjoy tart and tangy foods more than I do so it does not surprise me that she liked this flavor more than me.


The chocolate was also very good. My daughter turned it into triple chocolate by adding chocolate toppings. We also added some strawberries and enjoyed that flavor.

The coconut was similar to the original flavor in my opinion. I felt the tanginess overwhelmed the coconut.

We had a great time at the party. We had very generous sized cups of yogurt and a selection of toppings we could select. I would have preferred smaller cups so we could sample one of each. There was a magician walking around who did a few tricks and my daughter got to help with some of the tricks. She had the opportunity to be his assistant and absolutely loved it.

I only got a quick look at the menu as we were in the party tent and did not get our food at the counter. They offer a number of sizes of yogurts as well as parfaits and smoothies. The smallest size is a Mini and I believe it was $2.25 for the original and $2.50 for flavors and that the pricing includes a topping.

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As a pink loving girl, my daughter loved the name and the decor. She loved her yogurt and can’t wait to get more the next time we are at Briarwood Mall. On their website they list a seasonal pumpkin flavor that I cannot wait to try. We will definitely be stopping by Pinkberry when we are at the mall.

Have you tried Pinkberry yogurt yet? What did you think?

Disclaimer: I was invited to the VIP grand opening party to review Pinkberry. At the event my daughter and I received free yogurt, lemonade, coupons, and swag (a bag, mug, lip moisturizer, and hat). All opinions are my own.

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