Michigan Stadium Movie Night - Black Panther on Screen

Michigan Stadium Movie Night Review

Tonight we attended the Michigan Stadium Movie Night showing of Black Panther.

Michigan Stadium Movie Night - Black Panther on Screen

Review of Michigan Stadium Movie Night

This year was the fourth year that Michigan Stadium planned a movie night, and their third event (the 2016 event was cancelled due to inclement weather). It was the first year we were able to attend.


Michigan Stadium Movie Night – Watching the Movie

We sat in the stands for the movie. On field seating was only available to season ticket holders. We brought foam pads which made the seats more comfortable. The crowds were small enough that we had plenty of room around us. Most people were leaving a gap of at least one row so you could stretch out in front or behind you.

Bleacher seating was in the south end zone. We were off-center on the east side and facing slightly west. As the sun set, it caused glare to the side. Next time, we will sit on the other side so the setting sun is behind us.

Michigan Stadium Movie Night - Selfie

The movie was playing on both screens. We were closer to the screen behind us, but mostly watched on the screen across the stadium.

The movie started promptly at 7p. I wish they had made an announcement first, since I didn’t see it start and it was difficult to hear until the background noise decreased. At least the closed captioning was on for the movie.

The 7p start time meant the movie ended at a reasonable time – by 9:15p. However, it was a bit too bright at the beginning of the movie. This was compounded by a number of low-lit night time scenes early in the movie.

Michigan Stadium Movie Night - Field Seating

The movie was edited from its original theatrical version. The new version was probably closer to a PG than it’s PG-13 rating. Some of the more violent scenes were shortened, the language was toned down, and a character giving the middle finger was eliminated. While some language remained, it was edited for the closed captioning (using sh-t while saying the full word).

Michigan Stadium Movie Night – Other Activities

Before the movie, there were plenty of fun activities in the Courtyard. There were several inflatables, face painting, and photo opportunities. Most things had lines, so I recommend arriving early. This will give you a chance to have fun before the movie starts.

Michigan Stadium Movie Night - Inflatables

Michigan Stadium Movie Night Snacks

We spent our 15 minutes before the movie making sure we had snacks. The courtyard had Kona Ice, a Mexican food truck, kettle corn, and nuts. We visited one of the concession stands on the concourse. Their offerings included personal Pizzas from Cottage Inn, Hot Dogs, Pretzels, beverages, and of course Popped Maize. We opted to share a pizza since we had a very light dinner, 2 boxes of Popped Maize, and bottled waters and lemonade. I was pleasantly surprised that our total was only $20.

Michigan Stadium Movie Night - Popped Maize

Note, the Popped Maize is only allowed in the stands. It cannot be taken onto the field.

There were also several vendors in the stands selling Kettle Corn, nuts, and shaved ice. We decided to get a shaved ice too since it was warm. Once it was down to mostly syrup, my daughter used it to flavor her remaining lemonade.

Michigan Stadium Movie Night - Shaved Ice

Michigan Stadium Movie Night Parking

Parking was easy (and free) at Pioneer High School. We strategically parked a little further from the stadium but close to an exit route. It’s a short walk from Pioneer High School to the stadium entrance. It was also available in the athletic field lots. We did not try to park there, so I don’t know what the availability was like.


Planning for Michigan Stadium Movie Night

We will definitely watch for an announcement of a 2019 Michigan Stadium Movie Night.

Based on our experiences, I have tips to share for future movie nights.

  • Make sure you print your tickets! We forgot to print them and rearranged our evening to run home for the tickets.
  • Arrive early! The courtyard had activities like inflatables, photo opportunities, and food options.
  • Try to get the sun behind you. We sat on the southeast side of the stands and were slightly facing towards the setting sun. We would have had less glare if we had been on the southwest side.
  • Plan to buy concessions either in the courtyard, from the concession stands, or from the vendors in the stands.
  • Bring foam seat pads or pillows. We were able to lean back and rest on the bleacher behind us. It was nice to have the foam pad behind my back instead of the hard metal bleacher.

Also, while it was announced that game day prohibitions would be in effect, they were not enforced. I saw several people bring bags in. However, I would still plan to follow the restrictions just in case they are enforced.


3 thoughts on “Michigan Stadium Movie Night Review”

  1. I thought it sucked. We left about a half an hour in. It was way to bright out , the screen was way too small, audio sucked, people talking throughout the entire movie. This was the first and last time for us.

  2. Hi…we also attended the movie night. You described it all to a T. I’m sorry you went back home to get your printed tickets because on an email it said we could use our phone in which we did.

    Thank you for all that you do!!!

  3. I too was unimpressed the first half hour. They seemed to get the audio volume figured out. There were a number of dimly lit night scenes in the beginning of the movie which were harder to see with daylight. After those first scenes, scenes were better lit until it was darker. As the sun went down, the darker scenes were easier to see. I didn’t really expect movie theater quiet.

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