Magic Tree House Passport to Adventure Review

With the Magic Tree House Bus

My daughter loves the Magic Tree House series of books and was so excited when she heard that they were bringing the Passport to Adventures Tour to Detroit. A few weeks afar Detroit was announced as a tour city, it was revealed that the tour was actually coming to Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor. All day today she was asking when it was time to go meet Jack and Annie. The performance was at 6p, but with the day off from school it was a long wait.

We arrived at Nicola’s Books about 30 minutes before the show. She was super excited to see the tour bus in the parking lot. Of course my detour to drive by it cost us a great parking spot.

Jack & Annie perform in the show

We arrived about 30 minutes early for the show. There were plenty of people who were already there and seated in the front of the performance area. The crowd really did not start to grow again until 5:45p and it was pretty crowded by 6p. I definitely recommend arriving early. They started the show about 5 or 10 minutes late.

The Passport to Adventure Tour consists of a musical, theatrical performance by Jack and Annie. The show was about 15-20 minutes long and featured crowd participation which the kids loved. Jack and Annie talked about the importance of reading and learning new things. Jack and Annie each wore microphones so it was easy to hear them no matter where you were in the audience.

Chatting with Jack & Annie

After the performance, they held a drawing for a free set of books and then had the audience form a line for the meet and greet and book stamping. The line formation was a bit chaotic, but everyone was very friendly and good-natured about it. The line seemed to move relatively quickly, but I did not feel we were rushed with Jack and Annie. They stamped my daughter’s book. Jack asked her what her favorite book in the series was (Blizzard of the Blue Moon, the one she just finished). Then they posed for a picture with her.


I definitely recommend checking out the Passport to Adventure tour if it comes back to Ann Arbor or you are visiting a tour location. You can find future tour locations on the Magic Tree House website.

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