LEGO Advent Calendar

LEGO Advent Calendars Now Available & On Sale

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One of our annual holiday traditions is a LEGO Advent Calendar. The 2020 LEGO Advent Calendars are now available and Amazon has them for $10 off. It’s time for our annual debate of which set to buy. We started with the LEGO City Advent Calendar, then switched to Star Wars for many years. Last year, they added a Harry Potter themed LEGO Advent Calendar, so we bought that set.

Amazon is currently offering each set at a $10.02 discount – so they are $19.97 for City and Friends and $29.97 for Harry Potter & Star Wars.

LEGO Advent Calendars

The LEGO Advent Calendars provide a mini-build for each day from December 1 through Christmas Eve. My daughter looks forward to her build each day in December. It’s a great motivator to wake up and get ready for school quickly on dark winter mornings. Although with virtual school this year she does have a bit of a reprieve with a later High School start time and no commute time.


LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

LEGO Harry Potter was a new Advent Calendar theme for 2019 and returns in 2020 This year’s LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar features the Yule Ball from Goblet of Fire – my daughter’s favorite of the Harry Potter books. The set comes with 6 mini-figures – Harry, Ron, Hermione, Cho Chang, Padma Patil, & Parvati Patil. I kind of wish they had included the other 3 champions (Viktor Krum would have made more sense than Cho though since Hermione was his date). Also included is the goblet of fire itself, the victory cup, and mini-builds of Hogwarts, the Beauxbaton’s carriage, and the Durmstrang ship, Note, the Harry Potter set is 334 pieces – almost 14 pieces per build on average.

The list price for the LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar is $39.99. Amazon is currently selling it for $29.97

LEGO City Advent Calendar

This year, we opted for The LEGO City Advent Calendar. This set has 342 pieces, an average of more than 14 pieces per build. This year’s LEGO City features mini figures from the LEGO City Adventures TV Series including Chief Wheeler in a Santa suit.

The list price for the LEGO City Advent Calendar is $29.99. Amazon is currently selling it for $19.97

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

This year’s LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar averages almost 13 pieces per build. I am tempted by the minifigures of Poe Dameron and Darth Vader wearing ugly sweaters. But, what I don’t like is the set encompasses all three trilogies rather than picking a single theme and sticking with it. There are Battle droids and Anakin’s pod racer from the prequels, the taunton (with a Rudolph like red nose), Luke, Vader, and moisture evaporators form the original trilogy, and Poe, Rey, Porg, & DO from the sequel trilogy. Now, if it included Mandalorian figures and a Baby Yoda, I know we’d be getting this set.

The list price for the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is $39.99. Amazon is currently selling it for $29.97.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

The LEGO Friends Advent Calendar is the smallest of the Advent Calendars this year with 236 pieces, less than 10 per day. Last year it was the largest set. This year’s minifigures include Emma, Mrs Claus, and elves. Do’t miss the penguin, wrapping station, toy painting station, and more as Emma, Mrs Claus, & the elves get ready for Christmas.


The list price for the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar is $29.99. Amazon is currently selling it for $19.97.

Buy Your LEGO Advent Calendar

Buy your LEGO Advent Calendar now! There have been some years where they are in short supply and are difficult to find.

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