Bigalora Review

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What is your favorite pizza place in Ann Arbor? We may have a new contender in my family. My family loves pizza, but we had never made it to Bigalora in Arbor Hills. Tonight we were discussing where to go for dinner and were in the area so I suggested Bigalora. A number of my friends enjoy Bigalora.

We all really enjoyed our food. Bigalora is now in our restaurant rotation! I look forward to returning to Bigalora and trying other pizzas or pasta. Compared to other pizza restaurants in Ann Arbor, Bigalora pizza reminded me the most of NeoPapalis but less customizable and as a sit-down restaurant instead.

Have you been to Bigalora? What do you think? Which pizza restaurant in Ann Arbor is your family’s favorite?


We arrived about 6:20p and were able to be seated right away. I was wondering what type of wait there would be at the restaurant since the lot was crowded. But, we were able to be seated right away. At first I was taken aback by how small the restaurant was and then they asked if we wanted to be seated in the loft which I hadn’t noticed initially. The loft was nice since it was a little quieter than the rest of the restaurant. However, it was fairly dark in the loft. We were ok, but I did see people at other tables using their phones to help read their menus. Some tables seemed to be darker than others.

I also like the trend that several Ann arbor restaurants are following of leaving bottles of water on the table. As a water drinker, I appreciate not having to worry as much about having an empty glass.



We started with an appetizer of Tuscan Fries. My husband had initially suggested the Wood-Fired Peanuts, but since our daughter isn’t always a fan of nuts, I suggested the Tuscan Fries. I had seen a neighboring table with them and they looked good. They were delicious and a big hit for the 3 of us. Even though I saw the size of the appetizer and said “There is no way we can finish that”, we did. The fries had just the right amount of seasoning…and even a few stray cloves of roasted garlic that I enjoyed. As much as I like trying new dishes, we may have to order the Tuscan Fries again on our next visit. While we were eating I saw several more orders of Tuscan Fries come up to the loft (I was facing the stairs).


We each ordered a pizza for dinner, my daughter from the Kids Menu. They offer both white pizzas (no tomato sauce) and red pizzas (tomato sauce). My daughter had the red cheese pizza from the kids menu. I ordered the Pesto Genovese, a white pizza. My husband had the red Pepperoni Pizza.

All of their pizzas are thin crust and cooked in the wood-fired oven. We all enjoyed the pizzas. My husband and I were each able to bring home half of our pizzas for lunch tomorrow. (We could have shared a pizza as well, but we have different preferences).

My daughter (almost 9) did polish off the kids pizza despite eating her share of the fries. While my daughter finished it, the pizza was a good size and I didn’t feel that I needed to offer her any of my leftovers. Younger kids or those with smaller appetites will likely have leftovers from the kids menu. She really liked her pizza.

My husband and I also enjoyed our pizzas. Next time I might be more adventurous and try the Manilla Clam white pizza. I was debating which to get this time and opted for the Pesto so my daughter could taste it (she is not a seafood fan).


The Kids Meals include Gelato for dessert. My daughter opted for vanilla and really enjoyed it. My husband and I elected to pass on dessert only because we have lots of Thanksgiving leftover desserts at home.


I felt that the prices at Bigalora were quite reasonable. The kids meal seems a bit high on the surface ($7), but it includes the beverage AND dessert. My family of 3 ate for $50 including tax and tip including an appetizer and two half pizzas as leftovers. For the quality of food at Bigalora I was quite happy with the price.


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