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As we’re celebrating New Years Eve, I decided to check out the most popular pages on Ann Arbor with Kids. Since I’m a numbers girl, I also decided to see how these posts compared to 2016’s top posts, check out the most popular events on our calendar, and looked at some information on our readers. 

2017 In Review - Top Content, About Readers, Top Events

Overall Page Views Comparisons

For 2017, total page views were up 34%. The home page showed modest growth of 10%, while the events page was up 35%. For articles published yearly, page growth is shown compared to the comparable 2016 article.

Every month saw growth in page views over 2016 with December showing the least growth – and I actually held publishing this article to later in the day to pass the 2016 December levels. The #3 post in 2016 would have only been #6 and 2016’s 8, 9, and 10 would not have made this year’s list.

Top Visited Pages in 2017

It should come as no surprise that the top two pages are the Home Page and the Events Calendar. Beyond those, the most popular pages are a mix of seasonal content that receives concentrated page views and evergreen content that receives year round traffic.


Here are the 14 most visited pages on Ann Arbor with Kids. (I broke the list at 14 instead of 15 because spots 15-18 were separated by only 45 page views)

  1. Home Page – (+10%)
  2. Events Calendar (+35%)
  3. Ann Arbor Trick or Treat Times (+49% vs. 2016 article)
  4. Toddler Events Page (+31%)
    Ann Arbor Toddler Events & Activities
  5. 10 Places to Get Wet: Ann Arbor Swimming Pools, Water Parks, and Sprayscapes (+104% – vs. 2016 article – yes it more than doubled it’s page views)
  6. Ann Arbor Eclipse Guide (New Content)
  7. Kids Eat Free (+26%)
    Kids Eat Free Guide
  8. Preschooler Events Page (+54%)
    Ann Arbor Preschool Events & Activities
  9. Ann Arbor Park Profiles – (+789% – compared to Park Profiles & an older parks post combined)
    Ann Arbor Activities - Visit a Playground
  10. Technically #10 post is the second page of the events calendar, but I’m not counting that as a separate article here). Ann Arbor Indoor Activities (New Article for 2017 – published mid June)Ann Arbor Indoor Fun
  11. Christmas Lights (+69% vs. 2016 article)
  12. Winter & Spring Break Schedules through 2022 (New article for 2017)
  13. Washtenaw Halloween Happenings (+48%)
  14. 2017-2018 Ann Arbor Public Schools Calendar & Bell Times (New article for 2017)

Top Content by Month

I also decided to look at the most popular content on a monthly basis to help plan our 2018 Editorial Calendar.

Top Events

I was also wondering which events on the calendar where the most popular with our readers.


  1. 242 Community Center Grand Opening
  2. Ann Arbor Airport Pancake Breakfast
  3. Beauty & the Beast Movie Night at Michigan Stadium
  4. Michigan Spring Game
  5. Halloween Treat Parade
  6. Taste of Ann Arbor
  7. Family Halloween Party

Halloween Dominance Drops

In my years of running Ann Arbor with Kids, I’ve discovered that Ann Arbor loves Halloween. Each year, October is the month with the most traffic on the site. While October was still the most popular month, the summer months saw sizable increases. For the first time in the site’s history, Halloween was not the highest traffic day of the year. July 4th beat it by 7%. Last year, Halloween weekend (October 28-31) was the first time the site hit 3000 views in a single day. This year, there were 13 days with over 3000 pageviews – grouped around 4th of July, the eclipse, and all Halloween weekends.

About You (the Readers)

It is no surprise that most of our readers are from the surrounding area – especially once I blocked some spam traffic coming from a few out of area cities mid-year. Every local city, except Pinckney saw audience growth. 

Nearly 2/3 of our readers are on mobile devices with another 10% on tablets, mostly Apple devices.

With a 42% growth in male readers, we saw them inch over 20% of readership for the first time – so welcome to the dads, grandfathers, and other men reading the site.

Our biggest growth in traffic has been from search. The most popular posts from search is very similar to the list above. In social referrals, Facebook provides 94% of our referrals. Twitter had 76% growth, but only represents 4% of our readers. 

What’s Next

Obviously for 2018, we’d like to see continued growth across the board. Looking at the popular posts, helps us make plans for 2018 content. We are planning to make improvements to the site structure, navigation, and guides. On the content side, we are also looking to branch into video and event planning.

We do expect to see a traffic shift from April to March for 2018. The top posts for April 2017 were related to Easter and Spring Break, both of which will fall in March 2018.

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