UM Baseball Game Review

On Tuesday my parents, sister and I took my daughter to a University of Michigan baseball game. The team was on a 9-game winning streak and they were offering bargain tickets of $2 for general admission to the 4:05p game against Notre Dame. The timing worked out for us to go right after school.  This was the first UM baseball game we had attended.

Preparing the field

Before the game, my daughter knew a little about baseball from having played t-ball with Pittsfield Township. However, there was still much to teach her – balls & strikes, 3 outs (in t-ball everyone bats each inning), 9 innings, etc. She also kept asking about how many “points” each team had. I had to explain to her that they are called runs and each time a player crosses the plate that is one run. She has gotten used to basketball (free throws, 2 and 3 point field goals) and football (field goal, touchdown, 2 point conversions). The only disappointment was that I had to teach her about the DH. As a fan of a National League team, I hate the DH rule.

UM had a great showing in the game with 8 runs and a no-hitter going until the 8th inning (although there was a play ruled an error that could have gone either way – it actually took them over an inning to score it). The final ended up being 8-2, so they now have a 10 game win streak.

The game was not crowded even with $2 tickets. All of the seats are close to the field, with the general admission bleachers in front of the reserved seat backs. The game lasted about 2.5 hours, so a 6:05p weeknight start may be late for school-aged children. While my daughter got bored, she had plenty of room to move around and took walks to get snacks.


UM faculty and staff receive FREE admission. General admission is $5/youth, $7/adults. Kids who are signed up for the FRE Kids MGoBlue Club will receive free admission to the Sunday, May 5 game against Iowa. We also received a coupon from the school district for free youth general admission ticket with additional tickets for $1 for the Sunday, May 12 game against Purdue (code BB13ELEM) or softball tonight against Iowa – code AAPSDAYS).

Their remaining home schedule is:

  • Friday May 3 6:05p  vs. Iowa
  • Saturday, May 4 4:05p vs. Iowa
  • Sunday, May 5 6:05p vs. Iowa
  • Wednesday, May 8 6:05p vs. Toledo
  • Friday, May 10 6:05p vs. Purdue
  • Saturday, May 11 4:05p vs Purdue
  • Sunday, May 12 1:05p vs. Purdue

Tickets are available for online purchase. I had purchased our tickets online for will-call pickup. I love that they did not charge me a ticket fee!

One thing I was not expecting to see at the game was the number of MLB scouts in attendance. Many seemed to know each other. They seemed to be most interested in the relief pitchers on Tuesday. As soon as they came out, the radar guns and notebooks came out.

There is plenty of time left in UM’s season to get out to a game. I definitely recommend it as an introduction to baseball games.

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