Weber's Restaurant Review

Weber’s Restaurant – Review

We have visited Weber’s Restaurant many times over the years – particularly during Restaurant Week. This article was originally written in 2010 after a date night for Restaurant Week. We later returned as a family several times including Summer Restaurant Week 2016 for our anniversary.

Restaurant Week Offerings

Weber’s Restaurant has participated in Ann Arbor Restaurant Week – including several unofficial years when the official program was only for restaurants in the Main Street Area Association. Since Ann Arbor Restaurant Week has expanded, they are now a part of the official program.

They typically offer a 4 course dinner for $25. They also offer a 3 course lunch for $15. I love the value that you get at Weber’s for Restaurant Week.


Our two favorite appetizers are the Mussels and the Spinach Bread. My husband also had the Escargot. 

Our experience with the Spinach Bread has been mixed. Sometimes it is delicious, other times it seems to have too much Spinach.


Weber's Restaurant - Spinach Bread


For the second course, I usually choose the house salad with raspberry vinaigrette on the side. My salad included almonds and dried cranberries. It is good, but lacks something. I usually make my salad at home with almonds and craisins and add feta cheese. I know many other restaurants add a cheese of some sort to a salad with almonds and dried fruit. For Restaurant Week, soup of the day or upgrades to French Onion or Lobster Bisque soup area available.


My daughter loves the London Broil at Weber’s Restaurant. When Weber’s comes up in conversation, she comments about their London Broil.

Weber's Restaurant - London Broil

My husband’s go-to entree is the Roasted Duck. He loves it. I’ve also ordered it in the past and enjoyed it.

My entree choice varies from the duck or chicken to salmon or seafood linguine. 


By this point, we’re usually stuffed, but Restaurant Week comes with dessert. There are several great choices. Winter 2018 dessert choices include Mini Carrot Cake, Mini Fudge Brownie Sundae, and Ice Cream or Sorbet. While the desserts are called mini, our experience is that they are plenty filling.


We’ve had a wide variety of experiences dining at Weber’s Restaurant. The back dining room offers more private dining with booths in alcoves. and a few tables. It also tends to be darker. The main dining area is brighter. It offers both tables, regular booths, and round booths. Personally I love the round booths.


We always enjoy dining at Weber’s. The Restaurant Week menu includes a number of courses and can take awhile. When we ate there as a family our meal was over 2 hours and my daughter was getting tired before we finished. Other meals with less courses have been shorter.

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